Saturday, January 10, 2009

We found Grace!

We finally found Grace after the snow started melting! (She was just a little cold, but nothing that a nice mug of hot chocolate couldn't cure.)
(ok, before anyone gets their undies in a wad, it's just a Barbie Doll head!)

It's All JUST JOSHIN' Good!

My Beautiful Monday posts will be no more. I've realized that I am more of a spontaneous person. I'd rather post 'as the Lord leads'. I was beginning to feel stressed about having to come up with thoughts every week as well as family priority issues.


  1. I guess you're going to have to FedEx some of that snow over my way for our "ice palace" coming up on Saturday. lol And I'm glad you "found" Grace. That's cute!
    Had someone ask if they should have known the new song today. I told them, no, it was a new one. The person seemed relieved that she wasn't crazy.
    And how is your sister doing today? I requested prayer for her this morning, so she is on our whole church prayer list. I know there are many others praying for her as well. And we will keep praying and trusting God for her complete healing. Have a great week.
    P.S. I'll miss your Beautiful Monday posts, but understand. :-)

  2. I guess you have been feeling a bit like me... don't worry about the monday posts... we are still here waiting for your wonderful inspriational posts as God gives them to you...

    Have a great week

  3. I have sort of gotten away from the weekly theme postings as well. I am going to start writing about what's on my heart and mind. It may bore everyone who reads it, but so be it.

    Have a good week.

  4. Send me some of that snow, okay?

    I have gotten away from most of the weekly themes, too. As a matter of fact, I've almost quit bloggong, but I want to start back on a more regular basis.

    Hang in there, Brenda, and try to have a good week.

  5. That's a fun post, Brenda. Have an awesome week. I too have been feeling like I really want the Lord to lead my posting, and the frequency (or lack) thereof. Have an awesome week, and we'll keep your sis in prayer. How blessed she is to have you!

  6. I think in many ways we put "expectations" on ourselves that God never intended we put. He just wants us to be led by Him - moment by precious moment.

    I'm glad you found Grace!!!!!

  7. No need to stress...there are six other beautiul days of the week to post!

    As the Lord leads is always best!


  8. That was so funny. I was like, who is Grace? What is Grace? Glad that's over.

    Good for you on taking over your blog your way. That is doing it right for sure Brenda.

  9. I can't imagine what that would feel like!

  10. We had our big snow in December and it's all melted now...but I'm wondering if any more will make an appearance before the winter is over!
    But nothing like a good cup of cocoa to thaw out! ;)

    I've so appreciated your thoughts over at my place on friendships and managing time. I am still struggling to find balance and asking God to guide me in it all.

    Have a great week! :)

  11. Glad that wasn't poor Grace out there stuck in the snow. She would need to just come and stay with me down here near the beach to thaw out.

    I know what you mean about feeling pressure to post. My creative juices just aren't flowing here lately.

    Hope that you are having a great week!

  12. BURRR! Poor Grace!! Hot cocoa couldn't do it for me. Just keep me in my desert.

    Just wait. When you get to The Springs you will have all sorts of things to write about.

  13. At first I didn't quite know what to think! Just for a brief second! Well, I'm certainly glad Grace is doing fine. Would you believe we haven't had any snow yet where I live? We've been getting off easy for quite a few winters now. I see so many blogging friends who have piles of it and I feel a bit envious. But then again, I don't necessarily wish for it.

  14. LOL....good one!

    I just read your post about your daughter moving out...tough stuff! Knowing they are ready makes it a little easier but still very tough stuff to go through! Praying for you and your daughter!


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