Sunday, March 1, 2009

Patty and Maxine Asked

I'm going to combine two questions today.

Maxine asked: So--how's the weather right now?

I'll have to admit, Maxine, that the weather isn't my favorite subject to talk about 'cause, frankly, I'm really tired of the snow. Just when the first 36" melted we got another 24". But I am happy to report that it will be in the 50's for the next couple of days. WooHoo! And all this snow is good for Flagstaff''s economy with the ski resort and tourism. Plus the fact that we've been in draught for several years, this moisture is a blessing. Thank you for asking.

Patty has asked me:

Well, I want to know what you do after dinner each evening?? Do you have to go ''back out'' after dark or stay in??

The answer to your question, Patty, is a risk. Now you're going to find out how really boring we are!
When Sunny's dad passed away, we inherited approximately 75 M*A*S*H videos, each having 3 episodes. Let's see, that's 225 or episodes.

This winter, that's what we've been doing in the evenings--munch homemade paper-bag popcorn and watch M*A*S*H.
Can you stand the excitement?



But we love it!

Who doesn't love the fashionable Klinger, or the wit of Hawkeye, or cuddly Radar? Not to mention the shenanigans of 'Ferret Face and Hot Lips.

C'mon, work with me here folks!

We do have a office-cleaning job that we do Monday and Wednesday evenings every other week.

That and Blogging around is what we do in the evenings.

We live in a smaller town with not too many choices in entertainment. I know once we get up to Colorado Springs we'll be more apt to get off our M*A*S*H hineys, because there will be more 'places to go and people to see'!

I also have some crafting ideas I want to put my hand to but just haven't been able to at the moment.

There you have it. (I gave you fair warning, Patty!)

Coming up: Diane Asked.

It's All M*A*S*H* Good!


  1. Sometimes I HAVE to go back out for a meeting or something - - - but I HATE that. A perfect evening for me is coming home, putting on my draw string jammies, getting on the computer and checking my blogs, then settling in to either watch a taped crime solving drama OR a live college sport - - - football preferably, but since that is over for now, I'll settle for basketball.

  2. I was a MASH aholic.I had the biggest crush on Hawkeye.Not Alan Alda,but Hawkeye.That funny carefree personality was so appealing to me.
    At one time about 10 yrs ago,it came on 3 times a day,You guessed it.I watched it 3 times a day.I did not go to bed without seeing
    Hawkeye that last time.
    Now I can barely watch it,I Hawkeyed myself to pieces...Ann

  3. I didn't realize you were in Flagstaff. We went there last year for spring break. We absolutely loved it. Phoenix, Sedona (my fav) Flagstaff then on the Grand Canyon.
    We went to that Observatory and saw Saturn.
    Great place.
    I love to watch M*A*S*H. It remind me when I was young, my grandmother had an elderly friend named Miss Lucy. She would hang out with my Grandmother during the day. We always had to be quiet while Miss Lucy watched M A S H.
    Thanks for the fun memory.


  4. Keetha--I'm like you. Jump in the flannels and get settled in for the evening.

    Ann--I'm sure we'll be tired of it by the time we're finished with all of them. However, I would like to eventually buy the dvd's.

    Joy--Well, next time you're in the 'neighborhood' look us up!
    Yes, Sedona is beautiful.

  5. M*A*S*H is my favorite television series of all time, no kidding! I'd love to have a boxed DVD set, but the price on them is outrageous! :o)

    Happy new week, friend. Looking forward to having my questions answered.

    Love and hugs,


  6. MASH is better than Dr. Who which is one of my husband's favorites. One of these days he just may not find those DVD'

  7. I LOVE M*A*S*H

    It is totally a part of my childhood. And no, you aren't boring.

    The weather here is NICE darn it. Up north, where we lived less than a year ago? THEY GOT SNOW!! AGHGHG! Makes me so jealous.

    Have a great week Brenda.

  8. When i hear you speak of how cold and snowey it is there, it makes me feel bad about whining and complaining about the little bit of coldness we have here!LOL!

    Mash is one of my husbands favorite shows.

    Dosen't sound boring at's the little things that happen in our lives day to day, that make living special.


  9. I used to watch MASH reruns alot and miss being able to see them on cable now and then.
    Steve and I do about the same, we get kids to bed then sit on the couch and watch a movie we have or some of our box set DVD's. We have alot of Star Trek, Voyager, Deep space nine and a few others. Recently we were able to borrow the first of many dvds of MacGyver (my hero:)) So we watch those at night alot.
    MacGyver, Matlock, Magnum Pi, and Mash all time favs!!!
    Sounds like my kind of night.

    Oh and your welcome to send me some of your snow.

  10. Homemade popcorn in a bag? Now that's a new one on me. I hope you'll put that one up on the frugal blog.

  11. MASH is a good show. I watched it growing up and loved it. I don't think it's boring - it sounds homey and warm.

  12. I miss watching MASH. I watch it on TV sometimes and my roommates make fun of me. Gotta love Klinger and Radar.

  13. I love MASH. We have one cable station that shows reruns of it one day a week, almost like a marathon.
    Funny, I never used to like MASH when it was on originally, but now I love it.
    So, I don't think you're boring at all, 'cause I love to be able to stay home "veg" in front of the TV.
    Have a great week.

  14. Hi Brenda,
    It's hard for me to identify with all the snow. It was close to 90 degrees here yesterday. I'm wanting it back in the 70s.
    MASH was my daughter's favorite TV program back when it was first on. I enjoyed it but it was never my favorite. I was probably too old at the time to appreciate it. lol.

  15. Brenda,

    I love this! My sister's husband is a HUGE M.A.S.H. fan. My husband and I have our favorite shows that we watch in the evenings. Sometimes when we settle down in front of the t.v. on a Saturday night we wonder where our lives have gone, but for the most part, it's fun! :-)


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