Saturday, March 28, 2009

'Comments' Sense


I am going to
begin commenting
on your comments
in my comments
when you comment.
Any comments?

I've been noticing that some of you reply to your friends right in your own comment section (unless you feel an email is more appropriate). I like that. Seems to make it a little more personal.
It's All Just 'Comments' Sense Good!


  1. Well, I'm privileged to be the first with any "comment" sense ... just remember and not "comment" on our last discussion - even if it is just in blogland and not personal :o) Sweaty ((hugs))

  2. I'm glad that you are going to tdo this as I do,I feel that it is more easier this way.

  3. Susan - I was going to wait to comment on your comment until I got more comments (& do them altogether) but I just had to comment - YOU CRACK ME UP! My sweat glands are sealed!

  4. You bring out the best in me with your sense of humor. Well it isn't the "best" but it is my warped sense of humor. I'm going to follow your "comments" sense and comment on your comment on my blog. I'm such a "follower".

  5. I LOVE this idea, we do it over on my blog too. I like the running conversation.

  6. Well EXCELLENT! I think it does make posts more personal and comments become more engaged when people get accustomed to the fact that you return comment.

  7. Your 'comment sense' makes a lot of sense! LOL! Blessings on ya!

  8. Okey dokey. :o)

    I used to do that until I got so many comments that I couldn't keep up with it. Now if I need to respond to a comment I either comment on their blog or by email.

    Happy Sunday, Brenda!

    Love and hugs,


  9. Susan - I have to admit I definitely have a warped sense of humor...gets me in trouble sometimes!

    Mike - good to hear from you again!

    Keetha - yes I noticed that you do this also. You're right. I didn't think of it as a running conversation.

    Jenn - Well, you're the one that got me started!

    Memaw - Thanks! I always take to heart when someone blesses me.

    Diane - I can definitely see your point. I guess I don't have to worry about that for now tho'!

  10. Good idea...right now I'm just sticking ot emailing the ones with questions...but i think this is great if you dont have five million comments and have the time!

    Have a great week
    Love, Jess

    PS Thanks for all your great comments on my blog lately...I have been way too busy to visit and comment...I'm sure you know

  11. I like to comment on the person's blog. i read a lot of blogs and sometimes I don't remember where I commented, or on which post. But it does make for a nice running conversation and then other people have a clue about what is going on.

  12. Lookitchoo! You DID respond :)

  13. HI Brenda
    I know what you mean to reply to the comment on your own site..
    I like that idea~
    However if I want to see what the commentor '''is up to''
    I go there and leave a coment(:) Thanks on my Chad and the job..yessery my fingies are crossed(:) hugs, Patty

  14. Jess - I see your point. Fortunately,right now I've got the time to do it, and enjoy the interaction.

    Bec4 - Of course I'll be commenting on other's blogs as well...I've gotta go around and see my friends!

    Jen - Checking up on me are ya?

    Patty - ditto what I told Bec4...Gotta go visiting!

  15. Okay, I'm off and on with that. It is a nice touch. I've tried it, but often get slothful and forget to get back to folks. Very nice - it does make sense.


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