Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Great Day

We had such a nice day on our anniversary (Sunday). Chels gave us a gift certificate for one of our favorite restaurants, Chi*les, along with a beautiful hand-written card and took Grace to her house for a few hours. We had a very nice dinner and then headed over to Star*Bucks for 'dessert', well actually just coffee and a hot chocolate. Those are my kind of anniversaries...just being together. We didn't even let the high winds and snow ruin our day!

Then on Monday Chels wrote a very special piece on her blog entitled "Parents". Sometimes as a mother I tend to highlight the mistakes I've made in raising our girls--you know that pesky hindsight stuff--but then she writes that, and I see that she doesn't see it that way at all.

Grace wrote a note to us that said, "Happy Anniversary! I love you so much! I love you so, so much!".

Our girls mean the world to us.

Thanks Chelsie and Grace for making our day "so, so" special!

It's All A Great Day Good!


  1. Oh wow Brenda. I had tears in my eyes reading what Chels wrote. How truly blessed you guys are with your 2 wonderful daughters.

    Sounds like a lovely "celebration" time to me.

  2. Happy belated Anniversary!!!

    SNOW AND HIGH WINDS???????? In Arizona????? NOW?????

    Oh dear, and here I was just beginning to HOPE spring was finally coming to North Central Indiana.

    I did hear the "s" word on the radio today - - - can't BELIEVE it.

  3. Happy Anniversary Brenda(:)
    Oh the baby an Carter.. LOL
    .. he loves him, likes to kiss him .. and feel his feet..just plain ol' curious I think..
    but he also likes to speed up the motorized cradle swing..(:O) ugh..
    gotta watch him ..
    hugs, Patty

  4. Her Children Rise Up and called her Blessed! That post that Chels wrote is one of the most touching truly heartfelt sentiments I've ever read. It obviously came straight from her heart. I know those words are probably the most precious gift you received.

    I'm so glad you two had a great anniversary and the example you set for your two daughters and many others is awesome.
    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!


  5. Susan - I know. She definitely got my water works shooting. I'm such a cryer anyway.

    Keetha - We're at 7000 ft. here so we'll probably get some more snow before it's said and done, but at least it's Spring!

    Patty - Thanks for that visual!

  6. I just went over and ready Chelsie's blog post. It is so beautiful and how blessed you are to have such a loving daughter.
    Sounds like you and your hubby had a great day on Sunday (we had to "work"). I'm glad that the two of you got to spend some special time together (definately not that first anniversary in the castle, huh! lol)
    Have a great week.

  7. I'm so glad you had a nice anniversary! You deserve it!
    Congratulations !!!
    Love the "mud terds" post. Too cute and I am surprised to see Grace behind it all. Wow, do I see just a little tom boy in her?!

    Love you all
    Love Amber

  8. Hi Brenda, Mariah saw the pictures of Grace and her playing in the mud. Mariah wants to leave a note for Grace...

    Hi Grace,
    I miss you. I cant wat to see you
    agaen. Till your mom that I seed

    Mariah typed this all by herself. Spelling in all. i just left her spelling, it was too cute. We will correct next week when were done with spring break.
    Love you

  9. Happy Anniversary Brenda and Sunny. I knew there were some anniversaries this month but didn't remember that yours was one of them. So happy you had a nice one. I know your girls will remember the good times cause thats what I remember most about our childhood growing up, even though there were some tough times too.
    I will go to Chelsies blog soon and read her thoughts too.
    love you,
    your lil big sis

  10. Glad you had such a wonderful time just being together, enjoying a lovely celebration. Congratulations!

  11. It sounds like your anniversary was just perfect. Your girls are awesome!

  12. Joy - Thanks, I didn't think of it that way!

    Brenda (the other one!) - It was definitely as cold as it was in that Carriage House, but much more fun!

    Amber - Ya, I was mildly shocked that mud turds were the first thing her imagination could conjure up! Give Mariah a great big hug from Grace.

    Reva - Yes, I do remember more good times than bad while growing up. We had a lot of fun didn't we?

    Melody & Linda - thanks so much for your kind thoughts.

  13. This is so wonderful, Brenda. I can't think of anything better than receiving such love from your children. Happy anniversary!

  14. What a beautiful anniversary. Bless you both. Those are the best ways to celebrate in my estimation.Have to go over and see what Chels wrote. Bless all of you!

  15. How sweet! Your girls are so sweet! I'm glad you have a good Anniversary - Happy Anniversary! I'm sorry I've been scarce lately. My time has not been my own and I've just be SO busy. I'm hoping things calm down soon. I'm just too busy for my own liking!

    I'll be by again! Take care, dear friend.

    Love, Julie

  16. This is so sweet. I'm glad you had such a Happy Anniversary. Chili's is one of my favorite places to eat. I love love love their baby back ribs.
    No snow here of course, but boy did we have the wind. Really bad for the allergies not to mention all the cleaning up in the yard that needs to be done.
    Have a great weekend.

  17. Brenda,Congrats on the anaversary.

  18. A little late I know but...Happy Anniversary!

  19. wow...

    Happy Anniversary!


  20. Happy Belated Anniersary, Brenda.


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