Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A past SO! Moment-Anniversary Edition

This post is in honor of our 28th Anniversary.

About six weeks before our first anniversary our church had a weekly marriage seminar. The culmination was a retreat night at a popular resort owned by The Navigator's called Glen Eyrie (about an hour away).
Glen Eyrie is a beautiful castle nestled at the base of Pike's Peak near the Garden of the Gods. The property was originally owned by the General Palmer family, founders of Colorado Springs.

This night happened to fall exactly on our first anniversary.

Now, let me tell ya, if you're looking for romance this was definitely the place to be--we're talking a castle--but for some reason, sharing this experience with a dozen or so other couples just wasn't conducive to a romantic evening--fun, but just not my idea of romance. But wait! It gets better.

SO! Because Sunny and another fella had to work late, we weren't able to get up there in time to check in first, but went directly to where dinner was being served. When we arrived we were escorted by the 'English Butler' into the "King James Dining Room" (said with a heavy English accent).

Dinner was good. Then it was time to book our room. Unfortunately for us and the other 'late' couple, they had miscalculated the number of guests in our party. There weren't enough rooms.

What to do?

Then the bright fella at the desk said, "Come with me." So the pastor who had made the arrangements, Sunny and I and the other couple followed this man. We figured he understood the dilemma and had everything under control. He led us into his last room available.

Beautiful room, great view, two sets of bunk beds!

We all looked at each other and then back at 'Mr. Bright'. Our pastor said, with as much kindness as he could muster and through clenched teeth, " a.....marriage retreat........Sir."

Like I said, not very conducive to a romantic evening (ya think?!).

After admitting someone had overbooked the rooms in the castle, Mr. Bright decided it was in his best interest to open up the Carriage house for us. Problem was that it was the middle of winter and it hadn't been used in awhile. It was Freeezzing!

Sunny and I ended up celebrating our anniversary on another day.

It's All 28 Years Good!


  1. HAPPY 28th!!!!!!

    It's funny to read, & I'm sure it was funny for you as you wrote about it but not the least bit funny at the time.

    Our spending our 50th anniversary at Flagstaff Hospital Emergency room wasn't exactly our original plans either. But doing so will allow us to celebrate 51 and forward :o)

  2. Susan - Yes, ours was nothing compared to the ordeal you and Mickey went thru, no laughing matter for sure. But so glad we got to meet you IRL then!

  3. What a great story and what a good sport you were. The castle is very pretty. Did you ever have an opportunity to go back - just the two of you?

    Happy Anniversary. We celebrate our 28th too in June.

  4. I'm sorry about the bunk beds and the cold carriage house - - - - but I gotta tell ya, that place is GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE it.

    Too bad it isn't closer to Indiana - - - -

  5. Nadine - I'm sure it's even more beautiful in the summer. No, we didn't go back, but that's on our list once we move back up there. I remember that we celebrated the same year of anniversaries.

  6. Keetha-If you haven't ever been to Colo. Spgs, you would love it. So many attractions besides this one.

  7. Happy 28th sister. I forgot about your anniversary ordeal but I think you did tell me about it once. Hope this one is much better for you and even if it isn't in a castle, you'll have lots of anniversary memories to share. Love you lots,
    your lil big sis
    p.s. I am so looking forward to having you near.

  8. Oh Brenda...I am WELL acquainted with Glen's one of my favorite spots in Co Springs.

    The castle is beautiful, though I've never stayed there overnight.

    That story was funny (and sorta sad), and I'm sure it was an anniversary you'll never forget.

  9. Well, it made a memory!

    Happy 28th Anniversary.

  10. Sounds like something that would happen to me!

    Happy 28th and 28 more!

    Love, Jess

  11. What a funny story, although I'm sure at the time it wasn't funny AT ALL!! But ya gotta look on the bright side - the freezing cold carriage house shoulda made for lots of snuggling. ha ha
    Happy 28th Anniversary. HOpe this anniversary is a little more romantic for you than that first one. Hubs and I will celebrate 29 years of wedded bliss (ya right!) this Sunday. O, and thanks for the kind comments on my Tablescape Thursday today.
    Make it a great weekend. :) Brenda

  12. Reva - It won't be long, Lord willing, we'll get up there. I can't wait either!

    Mer - You're right, it was one we would never forget! I do think it was more funny than sad. Funny thing is one bunkbed wouldn't have been so bad, but two?!

    Jen - Thanks for the wishes. Yes, difinitely a fun memory!

    Jess - After your coffee incident, I'll be it would happen to you!!!

    Brenda (the other one) - I don't normally sleep with my head under the covers, but it was so cold we had to! Hey, we celebrate the same anniversary!

  13. What an anniversary! Well at least it wont take much to make any other anniversary better than that one!
    Happy 28th Anniversary!!!
    Steve and I will have our 10th this April and am praying we will be celebrating our 28th one day also.
    Love you,

  14. Happy Anniversary! My you guys have many more to come!

  15. What a great story. That is really funny. You should have entered that travel contest story I entered.
    If you haven't voted yet, please help me out with a vote. I'd appreciate it. Yes, I'm begging.

    Happy Anniversary. That is awesome 28 years.


  16. I would love to stay in a castle some time! But not the carriage house! Some anniversaries are like that, aren't they, and we just roll with it -- on our 25th we went some place special, but were both sick as dogs and slept in separate beds in the hotel room. I remember being glad it was our 25th and not our wedding night when we would have thought the night "ruined."

    Glad you were such good sports! A belated happy anniversary to you!

  17. congrats on the twenty-eight years!

  18. Happy Anniversary Brenda! My first thought was...scoot those bunks together-One couple on the top bunks and one on the bottom. Maybe not!

  19. What a great story! :D
    And I can't believe you've been married so long, you look and seem so young! 28 years is such a wonderful accomplishment...happy anniversary! :D

  20. I guess I have to addd the castle to my list of places that would be great to visit.Great posting.Happy anaversary.I got you by a year.Celestine and I celegrated our29 on March the First.


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