Sunday, August 16, 2009

10 Things Meme & Stuff

1. How come I can never find: the time to sit down and start on some new craft ideas mulling around in my head.
2. I wish I'd never started: letting myself gain weight. Sure is hard getting it off.
3. I wonder why: people can't or refuse to see the direction our nation is headed. "There's a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is death" comes to mind.
4. Mama always told me: change your undies every day--you never know when you'll get in an accident. OKAYEEE...she never told me that, but it is a good idea!
5. There's this one thing in my closet that I just can't seem to get rid of: I can't think of anything since I did a pretty good closet cleaning before we moved. How boring is that answer!
6. My favorite guilty pleasure is: having some dark chocolate with my Malt* O Meal nearly every morning. Love it!
7. I always forget to: pick up my just-filled water bottle on my way out the door.
8. I have never: smoked a cigarette, and I have beautiful lungs to prove it!
9. I'm obsessed with: well, I wouldn't go right to obsessed, but I love Hers*hey's Special Dark Chocolate. I also love to go yardsaling, thrifting, thrill-of-the-hunt kinda stuff. Really, though, I'm not obsessed, right Reva?
10. One of my favorite memories is: I have to give two--the birth days of both of my beautiful, sweet daughters.

Diane made up this meme to help any of us get out of the blogging rut. Just copy and paste the "10 Things" list and let me know when you're finished, so I can take a look-see. Also, if you want you can go over and let Diane know too!

Besides our camping trip we haven't done a whole lot of heavy, deep or real stuff this summer. Just living life!

In June, Reva surprised me with a fun birthday party. She invited the local relatives which included her daughter, Amber, and kids as well as my Aunt Bobbi Nell and cousin Teri. I do have pics so I'll post on that later.

Reva and I have been able to go to quite a few yardsales. Fun! Fun!

We've picked up a few housecleaning jobs, so our B.E. Cleaning Services has been officially transported to CO. My husband is working 4 nights a week in his hometown while we're getting the cleaning business off the ground.

Reva, Amber and kiddos, our aunt and 2 cousins,and Grace & I went to the County Fair in Calhan, CO. A beautiful drive about 1 hour NE of Colorado Springs. Being the frugal bunch that we are, we went on dollar day and spent 3 or 4 hours petting animals, watching a snake handler (*shudder*), seeing trained bears doing tricks and stunts (I'll leave my opinion on that to myself), having a nice picnic lunch, and of course eating cotton candy.

Grace gets this week off from homeschool, so I can regroup and get 3rd grade plans underway. (We needed to plug away this summer since she had her 'summer' break in May/June because of the move.) We will be doing a unit study springboarding off the Felicity American Girl books (year 1774) and learning about Colonial times. That will probably take us thru the first semester.

This coming weekend we are having a huge multi-family yardsale. Tons of stuff to price and put out.

Rick and Reva's garden is bearing yummy yellow and spaghetti squash, green beans, and delicious tomatoes.

Chelsie has been in Seattle for a month now. We really miss her. She's doing well, though and enjoying herself. Hopefully she'll be able to find some work soon.

We are celebrating Reva's Birthday today! If you'd like to give her some birthday wishes you can go here. I'm sure she'd enjoy that!

It's All 10 Things Meme & Summertime Good!


  1. Enjoyed your meme and much going on.

    I do hope that yoI'u guys get your cleaning service up and running with tons of customers!

    Glad Chels is doing so well and glad you are getting those oh so good tomatoes....bc we aren'! No one has tomatoes this year....ugh!

    I'm on my way to Reva's now..

    lots of love to you and have a great week...sorry i missed your bday so happy belated bday!

    Love, Jess

  2. I enjoyed your 10 things! I'm with you on several of them! (1,2,3 and 8 for starters!) Hope your sale goes well!

  3. Great list I just did the meme as well,but blogger struck again.somehow the auto save feature failed and the meme was lost.

  4. Hey, I like your list. It was a fun read.
    I would love to see the spaghetti squash growing.
    I've bought it at the grocery store and really like it. My kids aren't as thrilled. Should have started them a lot earlier on it when they didn't know the difference.
    The frugal trip to the fair sounds fun.


  5. hope you all have enough room for the load I'm bringing over.
    And please DO NOT allow me to come home with anything extra!!!

    I enjoyed your meme.

    Send Chelsie my love. Miss her too.
    Didn't get to spend much time with her when she was here.

    Love ya

  6. Yay, you did the meme!! :-)

    Great job, and it was good to see your update too. I love spaghetti squash, especially steamed with butter, salt and a little black pepper. Mmmmm!

    And I'd almost let you send me some tomatoes. Even if they're mush when they arrive they'd still be better than the hothouse store bought type. :-/

    I didn't realize Chelsie had moved to Seattle! Hope she settles in quickly and gets a great job soon!

    Happy Birthday to Reva!

    And happy new week to you, my friend.

    Love and hugs,


  7. Brenda,great news,I found the meme that I did and it is posted on my site now!

  8. I just did the ten things meme. :-)

    I'm glad your cleaning service seems to be taking off!

    You've been busy!!

  9. I think I'll try a meme sometime soon. Then maybe I'll say something meaningful and fun like you, ha!! smile :)

    Hope you are ready for the yardsale. I'm glad we postponed it until the last weekend of the month so we'll have it more organized.

  10. Hey Brenda!

    You know, they say that dark chocolate is actually good for you! My sister is obsessed with chocolate and she eats dark chocolate guilt-free because of that. (I only like milk chocolate!)

    Good for you for never smoking a cigarette!! I wish I could say the same. I never had a habit, but it's a terrible thing and I'm sorry I've even smoked one. YUCK!

    Sounds like you're having a nice, busy summer and getting ready for the fall. I love your curriculum idea about colonial times. That is going to be so much fun. I hope you'll blog about it.

    I hope you're well. Lots of love.

  11. Good to hear from you, Brenda! I really enjoyed the meme and reading about your summer. We both have June birthdays! Happy belated to you.

    No. 7 on your meme is soooo me. It never fails. About to go out the door now--better go grab that water bottle!!
    Talk to you soon!

  12. Love the meme! I might copy it later on :-) I'm always interested in other people's lives, how they get on, what their families are like. I get a good sense of that from your blog.

    Happy belated birthday!

  13. I loved your meme...and catching up with you! A belated happy birthday to you, Brenda! :)
    The fair sounds so fun...
    And I have always loved checking out yard sales! For some reason, this is the first summer I haven't done very much of it, though...but all previous yrs I was out nearly every weekend!
    The Felicity unit sounds girls both love American Girl and this summer, though we didn't officially do school, my oldest read through several of them on her own and learned a lot about history!

  14. Brenda, I think I missed Chelsea moving. I thought she came out with ya'll.

    Thanks for the update on all the events. Sounds like you all always have so much fun when you get out and about together.

    Blessings, and hugs!


  15. Yep, me too on #1 and 2.

    I hope Reva had a great birthday! And I hope Chelsey gets a job and Grace enjoys getting started at school again.

    Hugs Brenda!

  16. Loved your meme! What does meme stand for anyway?

    Have a ton of fun at your yard sale. Hard to believe the season will soon wind down. Gosh this summer flew fast for me.


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