Friday, August 21, 2009

Is It Just Me?

Ok, so we went to see the movie Julie & Julia the other night.

Have any of you seen it?

I thought it was a fun and interesting movie.

I only had a couple 'Beef Bourguignons' about it.

Number one:
They just had to do it. The F word, that is. I can't stand any movie with that word, or any other cussing for that matter, but for some reason the F word just sets me off. It is so unnecessary. Here I thought we were going to get through the whole movie with only a few milder expletives and then BAM!

I know. Call me a prude.

It was only one time.

But the point?

Number Two:


If you don't want a disturbing visual that will haunt you every time you whip up a souffle' then you may want to quit reading--or you can just cover your ears and say LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA real loud.

Julia Child DOIN' IT--well, pre-doin' it--but still.


With narry an apron in sight.

Scandalous, I say. SCANDALOUS!

C'MON PEOPLE, I didn't need that visual thankyouverymuch.

Done ranting. Go see the movie.


It's All Bon Appetit Good!


  1. The movie made me wish that I could be that passionate about food. Course I love to eat it but I don't love to cook it. My excuse is that I was a single mom too long with no one to appreciate my attempts at good cooking and no time to do it. I am way more "The Joy of Cooking" mentality except that I do appreciate, enjoy and am fascinated by others that love the whole process--the shopping, holding, cutting, stuffing, jelling, etc. Food does seem a bit romantic to me. I loved that both Julia and Julie loved ONE spouse and spoke highly of their hubbys instead of knocking them or being sarcastic about them. Also, I was glad that there were not irreverant referrals to God.

  2. I feel exactly the same way you do about the movie. We went to see it and enjoyed it. I guess they feel like they have to throw those questionable words in because that's how the majority of people talk today. It's so sad.

  3. I haven't seen it yet, but I agree it is so disappointing that they have to put those words in there. They don't add anything.


  4. We're going to see it tonight...thanks for the warning...I'll brace myself for the pre-doin' it part...eeewwww!

  5. I'm with you, Brenda. Love to eat food but not that passionate about cooking it.

    Thanks for the review. You're the first person who I know that saw the movie. And boy do I agree with you about the "F" word. I love to go on the baseball discussions on Facebook to see what folks are saying about certain goings on with the Yankees and Phillies, and sure enough, there are always folks who can't express themselves without using that word. I think it's a favorite these days and it ruins the discussion for me. To me it ruins a movie that might be otherwise a good one. But probably most folks don't feel that way.

  6. Agree about the "f" word. One of the reason's we don't go to or rent movies, but I did enjoy the story line of this one and it got my granddaughter and I out for an afternoon together. She's getting to the age that "hanging" with Grandma is not top on her priority list :o) I should have warned you about the one use of that word.

  7. That is EXACTLY what I thought about the F word. My daughters could watch the movie but it will have to be on video because of that WORD! I'll fast forward through that scene.

    I LOVED the onscreen chemistry between Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci. They made the movie *POP*!

  8. ha ha! Sounds like a good movie. There are so few that seem to be worth seeing these days -- and they wonder why the box office is "flailing". That's how it was described in an article I read last week. Flail away and give us more really good movies with real value to them!

    You ain't a prude, sugar. I had an English teacher tell me once in high school something along the lines of, if you can't make your point without cussing, you aren't a good thinker and aren't smart enough to make your point in a well thought out manner.

    And if you think about it, she's right. In most cases, the cussing is just so unnecessary to the story line, so why bother with the offensiveness?

    So it's up to the rest of us to keep some sweet gentility in our daily discourse!


  9. Of course you know I meant "GENTLE", not gentile...

    So much for commenting on blogs BEFORE I've had my caffeine.

  10. The last movie I saw was a Harry potter movie. I have a mouth that I try to control from back in the military. I don't always think that cussing is inapproriate (take full metal Jacket for instance) But I can't really understand why you would need to drop the F bomb in a movie about Julia childs. Cooking is fun, but not that exciting lol. Glad you had a good time.

  11. Enjoyed your review. My husband and I tried to see this this weekend but it was sold out. I too so despise that word!!!

  12. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I completely agree with your feelings on bad language. I think the F word bothers me the most because it's so derrogatory about something that should be beautiful. At least the others pertain to something that the word is actually describing!

  13. Thanks for the warning! NOthing like a souffle to keep things hopping!

  14. Hi Brenda,

    Just stopping by to say 'hi' and let you know I have posted an update on my husband and to thank you for showing an interest in what's going on with us.

  15. Haven't seen the movie.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I visited yours the other night but didn't leave a comment since I was new to all this.



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