Monday, August 31, 2009

Question Answered...I think

Hello Friends!

I think I accidentally came upon the answer to my own question (previous post). Found it on Facebook sign-in page. At the bottom it had a list of the different languages and Lo and Behold there were those tiny little rectangles. It represents the different Chinese dialects.

I went back to Blogger Help and typed in Chinese.
Only one forum answer came up: Chinese Porn Spam

Pai an jiao jue' (literal meaning: slap the table and shout with praise, wonderful)

Yep. That's what I say. Won.der.ful.

For now, I've put up the 'word verification', and that's seemed to stop them. So you all are going to have to do the 'letter thing'.

Until I find out more, that's the sha'o zi (scoop)!

It's All e' chang Good! (Have a beautiful, bright day!...or something like that!)


  1. hmmmmm. Some pesky person is up to no good. Hopefully it won't happen again.


  2. I used to get lots of Oriental stuff that got caught in my spam blocker. I never tried to translate it because I figured it was spam. It didn't occur to me til this post that I haven't seen any for a while (Yay!!) Maybe they try one site for a time and then move on.

  3. Remember all those 30-40 comments I was getting in a row of some Oriental language? Why I started monerating my comments. Can we say....weird!

  4. You are cracking me up with this post. The Chinese porn is not funny but the way you wrote this was awesome.

    I read a blog recently where she found out that it was some sort of prostitution ring happening right there on her blog. Crazy right?

    It's all good :)

  5. I am amused by your ease with the Chinese language! : ) Glad you found your answer.

  6. Hmmm...that's interesting.So far I've not seen any oriental stuff over my way, but I'll keep a look out for it.

  7. chinese porn??? wow. well, at least you can't understand huh, I got nothin'.
    Hope your having a great day.

  8. I hope you've had a happy Labor Day!

  9. Interesting. I guess you may be wanting to go to China now that you know the language. LOL


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