Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm a Ditz SO! Moment

It is Tuesday, 9:40 pm.

I don't know why, but I was just a little excited about today's date being 9/9/9.

If I'm not mistaken this all-9-digit occurrence won't happen again until 9/9/99, right?


It'll happen again...tomorrow. 9/9/9.

I thought it was so cool, that I didn't have my daughter spell out the date, but let her write 9/9/9 on all of her work instead.

I didn't even want to go to bed tonight without wishing everyone a happy 9/9/9 day just for the fun of it!

Then I started giggling.

I'm such a ditz.

And I homeschool, sheesh!

It's All HAPPY 9/9/9 DAY (tomorrow) Good!


  1. Not a ditz at all. I had not realized this till you mentioned it! Cool!

  2. It's already after midnight here, so it's 9/9/9 here for real now. Happy happy! ;o)

    Love and hugs,


  3. Thanks - I hadn't realized that yet!

  4. Oh, that is funny, Brenda. Don't ya love it when those creative moments turn around and bite you?!! Sounds just like something I would do, truly.

  5. It is my son's 34th birthday today and I didn't even think about this until this morning. I called him but it was too late to really celebrate it in a big way since he live 1000 miles away. Boo Hoo. I was trying to figure out, is that his golden birthday? or only if he turned 9 years on 9-9-9?

  6. lol!!!

    So funny...

    Love, Jess

  7. Nah, we all have moments when we don't know what day of the week it is.

    Or where we parked our car at Walmart.

    Or that we were supposed to pick the kids up at school.

    Or... :)

  8. Hey, now it's 10-9-09 and that "day" in history is.....in fact history. Trust it was a good one for you and yours!!!!

  9. Numbers are interesting and quite a few have made a big deal over the 9/9/09 thing. I love your blog page and especially the photograph's. They really reflect joy and that makes me smile!

  10. Hey, you got to enjoy it twice, right?? :-)

    Ha Ha Ha!!!!! Love it!

  11. I know a couple of folks who had birthdays that day and they were excited about it. I didn't realize it before they mentioned it. Well, we can look forward to October 10th next year.

  12. Now we've already had the 10/10/10, 11/11/11 and now the last of the batch that we'll see in our lifetime anyway..... the upcoming 12/12/12. Let's celebrate... (By the way... Mable was born on 10/10/10 at 10pm. Jimbo's birthday was 11/11/11 and now we need to find someone to congratulate this year.


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