Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why I LOVE Colorado!

Our day at the park.
Pikes Peak. Isn't she grand?
At the park. There were lots of geese. Lots.and.lots.of.geese. {and consequently lots and lots of do-do--not fun in flip-flops!}
Notice Sunny and Grace sitting up on the picnic table? Ever been goosed (literally)?

Our picnic was three weeks ago.
Today--the last day of summer--it snowed! Crazy. I didn't have my camera with me, but if I would have, I would not have taken a picture of the powdered sugar-coated mountains no matter how beautiful 'cause it just isn't right!!! Summer and snow in the same sentence. Go figure.

It's All Fall is Here Good!


  1. Wow, I thought it was too early for that. But ya know it has been a very mild summer....i dread what our winter will be like.

    lots of love and yes pikes peak is beautiful.


  2. My husband and I were in the Canadian Rockies in July one year, at Lake Louise, and it was snowing. I can't tell you how strange that felt to this southerner! Your pictures are just beautiful. Hope we get to visit there one day!

  3. How beautiful and what fun. When we lived in Denver in 1961 it snowed 6" on the Sunday before Labor Day. I'll never forget it and I have pictures to prove it :o)

  4. Gorgeous pictures! Colorado is truly beautiful. Our son called last night and told us about the snow there.

  5. Have never seen the Rockies, or ANY of Colorado for that matter. Sure does look beautiful.

    We have that many Canada Geese here too!!!! Where DON'T they live?

  6. Beautiful! Isn't Pike's Peak where cars get their test drives, or something like that? Wow, snow...we rarely get that here in the middle of NC! Oh...and as beautiful as geese are, they can be mean can't they??

  7. No wonder you love it. It's beautiful. I can't believe it snowed. Wow. Glad for your family that you are happy there.

  8. Your photos are wonderful Brenda. I'm so glad you love Colorado. You have adjusted to your new location faster than I did when we moved. I can see God's hand all over it though.

    SNOW?!?! What is snow???


  9. Wow, those are beautiful pictures of the mountains! It doesn't surprise me about the snow. My aunt has lived in Colorado for years now and we tell her the seasons are June, July, and Winter! It's pretty though!

  10. Snow??????

    It is absolutely gorgeous there!

  11. I love it that you have adjusted to your new home so quickly! Amazing really but also it comes from knowing that you are in the right place. Yes, Colorado is beautiful! We used to have a condo there and just felt ourselves relax when we started up the mountain. Your photos are beautiful and sweet.

  12. Yep, you're in Colorado now sis. So glad you are enjoying the view and I totally agree with your comiserating the not invited snow. I am so NOT ready for any really cold weather yet either.
    Great pics too9

  13. I have a feeling it's going to be a cooooooooold winter. But, at least it's pretty. Like the geese and grace looks like she's having fun. Nice pics.

  14. I hope that you and yours have a WONDERFUL weekend!


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