Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Wonderful Fall Day

Here are some pictures of a beautiful afternoon spent together. We drove about 12 miles west of Co. Springs to a quaint little town called Green Mountain Falls.

Horsing around!
It was so serene and peaceful. Though it looks warm, it was actually very gusty and chilly. So of course we had to stop into the little cafe by the lake for coffee and hot cocoa. You can be sure we'll head up there again!

It's All Cozy Good!


  1. It looks beautiful, and I can tell that ya'll were having a great time! I am so glad. Those times are such memory makers!

  2. I like your pumpkin background. :-)

    Lovely photos. It's beginning to feel like Fall here, but the leaves haven't started turning much yet. I'll bet that place is gorgeous when it's snow covered too.

    Happy Friday and Weekend! :o)

    Love and hugs,


  3. How absolutely beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Another beautiful spot in Colorado! I like that leaning tree.

  5. Oh it looks like a lovely place...can I come???? I would go bananas taking beautiful pictures there! I can see myself laying out a blanket and taking a nap in the fresh air. You are very blessed to have this little piece of Heaven so close! We have Yosemite and Bass Lake which we go to occasionally:D Beautiful pictures!

  6. What a beautiful place. Looks like you had it all to yourself. Love daddy and his girl walking out to the bridge.


  7. Were there marshmallows? That would be the perfect addition to a perfect day!

    (marshmallows are actually to perfect addition to any day)

    I love all of your photos!

  8. Loved the one with your husband and daughter holding hands. I really like your harvest blog scene.

  9. There's nothing like Colorado in the Fall. It's SO gorgeous! Makes my heart long for those beautiful mountains again.

    It looks like you're doing well! I'm so glad. There are some really cute little towns to visit in your area - have fun visiting them all!

    God bless you - Julie

  10. Beautiful, beautiful photo's. And I love your new blog cute!

  11. Amber will love these since she and Steve were married there. Glad you had a wonderful day in the hills.

  12. I LOVE your new look...and the header pic is adorable.

    I've been lurking...

    Happy New Week
    Love, Jess

  13. I guess you will go back again--it's BEAUTIFUL.

  14. Looks like a fun outing! Though it looks like a tree is falling in the last pic -- I guess it just grew that way?

  15. Great pictures!
    Green Mountain Falls is where Steva and I got married. At the church across form the little gazebo on the pond. We were going to get married at the gazebo but luckily we decided to plan for indoors. There was a ton of snow and fog on the day we got married, we couldn't even get out to the gazebo. Georgous pictures! We need to take a trip up there again.
    love ya

  16. What a beautiful place! It looks so relaxing, I can certainly picture myself spending time there, except that it's nowhere near me! It sure sounds like everyone had a wonderful time and especially when there's coffee and hot cocoa to end it all. Mmmmm! :)

  17. Those are beautiful! I love your new bloggy look!


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