Friday, October 30, 2009


Remember when I said the POODLE just may have wiggled her way into our hearts? (See last paragraph, previous post.)
Well, this same POODLE just as quickly poo-pooed and pee-peed her way right back out of our hearts.
I cleaned up so much after that dog in the last 10 days we were there that Resolve Spot Remover had become a permanent fixture in my back pocket.
Well, that experience is over, thank God.
Is there a dog for us in the future? I guess time will tell.
On to other news.
~Sunny has a new full-time job with a heating & cooling company here in Colorado Springs. Praise God! He is home every night. He had been working 4 nights a week in his hometown 1 1/2 hours away.
~And, if you all could keep Chelsie in your prayers. She has a torn miniscus (something to do with the ligaments around the knee). She has been in severe pain. This all happened, unfortunately, the day after she got a job at Safeway. She has kept working, but it is extremely painful for her. The doctor says it can take up to a month or more to heal while wearing a brace, keeping her leg up as much as she can, iceing it and taking ibuprofen for inflamation.
~My sister made a really cute Colonial dress for Grace for Halloween. She looks so cute in it. I'll post pics soon.
Be blessed!

It's All Done Scrubbing Yuckies Good!


  1. Oh that's so funny about the poodle! Glad you got through it!

    Hope Chelsie's pain eases up soon.

  2. Incontinent dogs ---- Ugh!

    Torn miniscus ---- Ugh! Bless her heart, I live with knee pain every day, so I really empathize with her. Yes ma'am, I'll pray for her.

    Yay!! For Sunny's new job. That means you're that much closer to getting your own place again.

    Looking forward to seeing Grace's Halloween pics.

    Happy Halloween and happy weekend!

    Love and hugs,


  3. Brenda, it's never a dull moment is it. We're happy for your husband's new job. I know that must be an answer to prayer for you all. We'll pray for your daughter too. How did it happen? Oh, and don't lose any sleep over NOT having a dog. I can assure you that they can be housebroken! : ) Blessings!

  4. That would pretty much do me in on watching a dog!
    Hooray for the new job.
    Poor Chelsea! I've had a couple of knee surgeries, one on my meniscus, so I feel her pain.

  5. That's what I did to my knee back in 2007. Not fun!!! Still deal with it a wee bit. Look forward to seeing the picture of Grace. She always looks cute :o) No dogs in our life!!! Just grand-dogs as 3 or our 4 kids have them.

  6. You know Brenda, I have a poodel collection. All sizes, all colors, all FAKE. I highly reccomend poodle collecting :)

    Can't wait to see pictures of Grace. I have a green daughter today. She is going to a party as Elphaba from Wicked (or the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz). She doesn't look half bad!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Sorry to hear about the poodle. Hopefully you will find the right dog. When you get the right one, they feel like part of the family.

    Can't wait to see the costume.

    So sorry about her knee. Hope that will heal soon.


  8. Poor Chelsie,
    Send her my love. I hope she heals quickly!

    Bye-bye doggie! Hey if your missing the poodle I have one for you :)

    Glad Sunny doesn't have to drive back and forth now!! I bet his mom misses him though.

    Love you!
    oh and Grace looked great in her costume.

  9. So glad you don't have to carry Resolve around in your pocket anymore. You might have developed a permanent dent in your fender? Ha!

    I hope Chelsie heals well and is soon out of pain!

  10. Yep that potty training is part of the reason we've never had a pet. I don't think I could get through it!

    So sorry about your daughter's knee. Hope it will heal well and not take too long!


  11. well I guess I'm glad the poodle is back

    So glad about Sunny's job!!!!

    And praying for Chelsea's knee.....

    And looking forward to Halloween pics...

    love you

  12. Cleaning up those messes are no fun. The pup is always cute until you clean up the poop. :)

  13. sorry to hear about the poodle... we have a rule - no house sitting puppies or old doggies! And your experience reinforced that one!

    Hope your daughter's cartilage tear heals well.

  14. That's pretty funny about the poodle! I'm having dog issues myself this morning! Except we don't have a poodle. We have a 90 pound lab.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog! I'm glad you got a laugh. It was pretty hilarious. If you've seen any of my other pictures of my husband, you'll know that he's not a big man...fairly thin, which made it even funnier for him to be a sumo!


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