Friday, November 6, 2009

Grace's Costume

First of all, I want to thank the Lord and all of you who prayed for Chelsie's knee. She was in horrible pain, and Doc said she had a torn Miniscus. A couple days later she said it wasn't hurting anymore. She even worked two 8-hour days in a row with no pain!

For this first semester of Grace's homeschool year (3rd grade), we are centering her work around the books "Felicity, An American Girl" which is set in colonial times. It has been a fun and very interesting historical study. So it came as no surprise that she wanted to dress in the colonial period for Halloween.
Since I don't wield a needle and thread very well beyond the basics--hems & buttons--I started looking for something at the thrift stores that maybe my sister could alter. Instead, while we were pet-sitting, Reva made this cute dress complete with reversible cap and reversible pouch purse! Thank you, Reva!
This was Grace's first year to go 'trick or treating'. She went with her cousins, Mariah, Ethan and Evan. And of course they all scored with big bags of candy.

Halloween afternoon my sister, Grace and I drove over to Sunny's hometown (pop. 1200) for their annual Christmas Bazaar. Grace wanted to show her Gramies her new dress.

Reva stayed home and handed out candy dressed as a clown!

Grace with Reva, Amber (my niece)
and her kiddos, Mariah, Ethan and Evan.
It's All Good!


  1. The dress looked so nice on Grace.
    I'm glad she had fun.


  2. I love it! The dress Grace has on is beautiful. School never looked so fun! : )

  3. I love Grace's early American dress. Makes me remember one my mom made for me to wear when I was in college. Dressing up in historical vintage is tres fun!

  4. Ooops - - - I forgot to tell you I LOVE your new header and the other remodeling projects you've done to your blog!

  5. I'll bet Grace felt so special in that dress. And she is!!! How wonderful of Reva to make that for her.

  6. Awesome costume....great work Reva!!!

    And everyone look so cute on they had a blast!

  7. What fun. I love the colonial costume.

  8. What a cute outfit! She looks so happy to have it. Glad she had such a great time.

  9. I am SO glad Chelsey is better.

    Grace's costume was so pretty! She looked like an American Girl.


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