Monday, March 29, 2010

Who's Your Mama? Not Me.

Dear disgusting, filthy, wash-your-mouth-out-with-soap pervert who sent me a comment using the only language you know how to speak, Pornese:

If I were your mama your hiney would be so blistered you'd need skin grafts.
But I'm not your mama.

If I were your mama you'd be eating so much soap, bubbles would be coming out of the above mentioned blistered body part.
But I'm not your mama.

If I were your mama you'd be on your knees pleading for forgiveness and offering to do anything to make up for your crude, rude behavior.
But I'm not your mama.

If I were your mama I'd be spending more time teaching you better, more productive 4-letter words (since 4-letter words seem to be all your tiny IQ can handle).

But fortunately for you and thankfully for me...

It's All Got THAT Off My Chest Good!

For the time being I will be changing my comments to EXCLUDE anonymous commentors. Sorry if that's an inconvenience to anyone.


  1. I don't think I've ever heard such a thorough non-explicative chewing out in all my ever-loving days, Brenda. Well done!

  2. So sorry to hear about this Brenda. Some people just got no class at all.

    Blessings on ya sweet friend.

  3. That was something! I've had to moderate my comments due to some filth as well, especially after I've posted some political things. It got ugly! and the guy who left the garbage was a teacher in the public school system of N.C. Sad isn't it?
    Glad you got that off your chest in such a fun way!

  4. I had to do that too, for the same reason. Yes - someone needs more than a little soap!

  5. Isn't it amazing the cowardice that "anonymous" people show when they leave comments like that?

    If they only knew how sorry and pitiful they sound and make themselves look.

    I've had several pitiful comments by cowards and it just fuels my fire to speak my mind on righteousness, even more.

    They are the poor, lost souls who need to hear the truth, more than anyone.

  6. Well said, Brenda.

    Jesus, I pray for whomever it is that left this rude, bad, hateful, disgusting comment on Brenda's blog. Father I pray you send someone across their path to show your love for them in such a way that their heart is touched and they see you, the risen Christ, at who's name EVERY knee will bow. I pray, Father God, their knee will bow now, before it is to late, and while there is still time. You died for them, Precious Jesus, as much as you died for me. Thank you for your precious blood that cleanes us from ALL unrighteousness. It is in His name, JESUS, that I bow and I pray. Amen

  7. There need to be more Mama's in the world like you. It would be a nicer place.

    It happened to me too Brenda. Hence, no anonymous comments and comment moderation. It boggles the mind why someone has NOTHING better to do than behave badly in a bloggers comments section! Susan has the right idea - this person needs prayer. I stand in agreement with my Sister in Christ Susan and pray Jesus over this person everytime they touch their computer!

  8. Glad you were able to express yourself! Well done! I hope all is well with you and that you have a great rest of the week

    Love to you

  9. I had to go back to word verification on my blog because I started getting spam comments. Very aggravating.

    ♥ Joy

  10. no inconvenience at all. :)

    adored your post yesterday with the pup, love birds and those gorgeous doll dresses! what a sweet (and talented) aunt!

  11. OH MY ~!! sorry Brenda
    I hate it when bad things come on here..
    Hope your Easter is wonderful though ..

  12. I haven't had such an experience, glad to say. But if I did, I would definitely do what you're doing. I've never understood that kind of language!

    Well done answer! Hope she/he reads it.

  13. I did the same thing - - - excluded anonymous commenters. I got tired of getting "jabs" from folks who weren't brave enough to even put their names on their "jabs."

    I've had a couple of pornographic comments too - - - - but they were in Japanese!!!! (No, I can't read Japanese, I put it in a translator)

    Unfortunately, the Japanese porn wasn't anonymous, though I could NOT read the name - - - it was, in Japanese!

    Now I just watch for those and delete them ASAP

  14. I sure do understand. I got one bad one, but he left me alone after I threw Jesus at him. I love Susan's prayer. These poor folks are so unhappy inside they don't even like themselves. But I do have to admit you made me chuckle, Brenda, as usual. Now I see why you wrote that other post!!!lol


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