Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pearls and ghetto talk

Ok folks.

I portrayed myself in my previous post as looking like I was really bad.
As in--
You talking to me?

But I'm really not.
(bad that is, 'cause I am talkin' to you).

Pervy just hit the wrong nerve, that's all.

So you can rest assured that I'm not some big, bad, leather-clad biker mama sportin' a switchblade in her girdle.
It's All Just Little Ol' Me Good!

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  1. But you could be, and you'd look good in it too.
    Admit it there is a little of "that" girl hiding deep down in there (we just saw/read a bit of her in your last post.

    I doubt they'll mess with you agian!

  2. You are so funny!

    I UNDERSTOOD your humor in the biker-mom post. I use humor and exaggeration to help me cope with nastiness too. We are peas in the same pod. Biker mamas in the same leather!

  3. Oh yeah Brenda, you know that was what I was thinking.......NOT. You were just taking your stand as we are told to do, and must do, against evil.

  4. Happy Easter!

    Joyce Marie

  5. I think I must have missed something. Maybe it's better I read this post first?

  6. I saw the reaction of a Godly protective mother.

  7. It's obvious that you and I were brought up in the same family. We were taught to be respectful of each other and even when mad the worst namne I could come up with was "you piggy" and the worst you came up with was "you ardvark." You did give him "what for" though and he will know that you ain't a kidding! love ya sis.

  8. You may not be a biker Momma but I'm gonna watch my Ps and Qs around you. I won't push my luck :)

    And if I need someone to back me up? I'm calling you.

  9. Hi Brenda Sweetie...
    While bloghopping this morning I found your beautiful blog home. It is just gorgeous. I have read through several stories. I have to tell you, your friend, Rev, her dog Myrtle looks a lot like my Boston Terrier Bruiser. Is she a Boston? My Bruiser lays on his back like this too. I asked the Vet one time why he did that? He says it is a cooling mechanism for them. They get hot really easy because they have flat little noses and can't breathe like normal dogs. (You'll have to check out my side bar and see my Bruiser).

    How sweet that was of your Aunt to make all those beautiful doll clothes for your precious, Grace. I love the picture you took of her sleeping. That is when we are reminded how precious their little faces are. My 3 kids are all grown up now and I have (7) almost 8 grandkids. Love them.

    I see you have one of those nasty little boogers leaving their remarks on your blog. Anonymous is always mine. I delete them and move on. Don't like it though, not one stinking bit. I feel like you. I am so proud of your post. You go girl. Loved it.

    Please stop by and say hi. I would be so honored if you signed up to follow my blog as well. Have a beautiful Easter sweetie. Country hugs...Sherry

  10. everytime i write a comment, i pray that it doesn't offend>>>>sometimes i don't write comments for that reason cause i have an abrasive way about me that does get to the sensitive souls out there, and it is just my teasing sometimes, so brenda if i offend just swalow hard and know that I AM and be still>>>>now i didn't mean to blasphemean God there, so see how easy it is to put your foot in my mouth

  11. .......oh bring it ON! LOL LOL LOL!

    girl, don't worry. you spoke for many of us. i get a few of *those* anon comments and delete with joy!

    tough hugs! *wink*


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