Sunday, April 11, 2010


After all my years, I have finally came to the conclusion that Spring is my favorite season.
not normally this indecisive--really
My husband's birthday was Friday. Enjoyed hanging out together!
he's the good-lookin', fella in my header
Reconnected with a old friend I grew up with.
it's been too long
Reconnected with our oldest cousin on my dad's side on Facebook.
beautiful lady
Chelsie and 3 other friends have moved into their own place.
sure wish we could be there to help her out
Trying to walk two miles at least five days a week.
or do the total gym--think chuck norris infomercial
Have a goal to lose my last 10 lbs. by my birthday in mid-June.
i can do it! and now i'm committed
Rick & Reva took us out to dinner and ice cream for Sunny's birthday. Thanks guys!
yes, i ate the ice cream. it was good!
Pacman is addictive.
seriously random
Sunny is studying hard for the Mec4 (heating & cooling installation) test he'll be taking on Wednesday.
prayers appreciated
Thrift stores make me happy. Really happy.
i know, get a life
Opened an Etsy store.
details later

It's All Random is good Good!


  1. Spring is so much fun! Minus the wind.
    Wish him a happy b-day for us, I forgot to say something last night. Sorry

    So do I get to call you Chuck now?
    You can do it!

    Sending prayers your way for Sunny.
    Thrift stores are great!

    Love you

  2. Brenda, we have much in common! I love pac man as well! Is there a place to play it on the computer, or do you have to buy the game? Just wondering...Have a great Monday!

  3. It is all good - random, but good!

  4. I used to think fall was my favorite season, but this spring thing is really growing on me. :-D

    Looking forward to reading more about your Etsy store.

  5. Fun post and think it's wonderful about the Etsy store. I'll be eager to hear about that.

    Happy, Happy Birthday to Sonny!!!!

  6. Spring is my favorite too. Can't wait to hear about the Etsy store. I don't know what it is.

  7. an etsy store, wow i want to buy an etsy, how much are they???????you and blogging to your family is addictive also as much as packman>>>>>you have been committed you say, when where how?????????????

  8. Sounds like things are going well! I love all your random bits of info. :) Thrift stores make me very happy, too. I find things there for my home all the time at a fraction of the cost. What could be better?

    God bless you - Julie

  9. I totally understand. My life is pretty random at the present too. :-/

    Love and hugs,


  10. An Etsy store! I've been thinking about opening one.

    A belated happy birthday to your husband.

  11. Brenda, I have not visited your site in a very long time. I simply have so much that I want to accomplish each and every day that I simply don't get to read all the blogs of people I care about. I will try to do better.


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