Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Permission to slap me

To all my Blogging Friends:

Slap me if I ever decide to move again (at least for a long time)! I'll even buy you a plane ticket to come and do some real slappin'*--forget the virtual stuff--I need to experience the pain!

Things that have not gone as planned:

1. My Etsy store. I thought by now I'd have my craft room/studio (sounds professional doesn't it?) put together so I could put some 'artsy fartsy' things up on Etsy. Hasn't happened. But looks like I can start painting the walls this weekend.
2. Homeschooling schedule. That darn intended schedule flew right out the window. Two weeks HA! Try seven! We've just this week got somewhat back on track. And speaking of windows, it's amazing how much learning flies out the brain's window during a summer break, and consequently much review is needed.
3. Unpacking. 'nuff said.

4. Before & after pics put up here. I'm close on my kitchen. Honest.

Things that have been accomplished:

1. Most my kitchen painted. Just have a couple of small walls and I'll be done. New curtains and painting cabinets will have to wait.

2. Grace's bedroom organized and decorated. Unintentional new color scheme: Pink and orange. That carpet just has to go.

3. Unpacking. 'nuff said!

4. Some decorating finished.

Things I'm grateful for:

1. My husband. No complaining when he hears "move it just a little to the left--no, no not that far, back to the right". All you women know exactly what I'm talking about! Maybe a little rolling of the eyes, but no complaining.

2. Grace's patience. She just goes with the flow.

3. Missing Chelsie up in Seattle. Thankful that I have a daughter to miss! (((Love you, girl)))

4. Not being bored (which I hope I haven't done to you :) I have so much stuff that needs done around here that if I get bored it's because I choose to be.
It's All Slap Me Good! real good


*not kidding about the slappin'. no can do on the plane tickets, sorry ;)


  1. Moving is a lot of work! You shouldn't have to do it for a long time!

  2. Oh, but it will be so worth it when you can sit back and relax and view it all and say, "Good job. I DID it." My moto is "Inch by inch it's a chinch". Just keep inching along my dear sweet friend.

  3. I've probably told you I haven't moved for 31 years - not something I relish the thought of! Can't wait to see pictures!

  4. You're giving me a foretaste of what's coming.....waaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!

  5. Such fun! I have only moved twice in my "adult" life. So I have never moved with kids and only moved 20 minutes away.
    I'm thinking we'll just stay here!
    The kids can move when their old enough.

    Things will come together! Let me know we can come down and help.

  6. Well I'll slap you if you slap me. I'm thinking our lives have sort of been similar lately. My garage STILL isn't where it needs to be and don't think my husband doesn't mention if often.

    Have a wonderful weekend Brenda. I hope you get caught up!

  7. Just think when you're all moved in. You'll be so pleased with everything. :) I know how difficult it is to move. It's really the pits, actually. Just keep your eye on the goal!!

    No slappin' - just a big ol' hug from me to you. ((Hug))

    God bless you - Julie

  8. but, it will be so nice when it is finished.

  9. Reading this gives me the shivers because we are moving this week and I am expecting our move will look much like yours!!

    Soon you will be done and settled in and in your "new normal" and able to enjoy your new home!

  10. I take it the carpet is orange. lol. must be that 70's rust that used to be so popular. I know what you mean about review. YOu would think half the third grade year never occurred around here...I made a trip to mardels to review basic multiplication before we start the school year. I am thinking of just going year round and having done with it.
    Hope you all settle in soon.

  11. Wow. I forgot what it's like. Guess that's why I haven't moved anywhere in so many years. Keep pressing on--you'll get there. We never follow our self-induced schedules!

    It was good you counted your blessings. That'll keep you going.

  12. I think that once you're all settled, with everything decorated just the way you like, you'll feel that it wasn't so bad. And, of course, by then you may be ready to start re-arranging furniture and redecorating! In the meantime, pace yourself and "enjoy the ride". :D

  13. Moving is my least favorite thing to do. I've moved from WA to TX to NY in the last year and half.

    Hope everything goes smoothly with the moving in.bu


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