Thursday, August 5, 2010

That 70's Show

These pictures are just for your enjoyment today. I know, I'm a nice person. What can I say?

#1. The wall paper in our tiny bathroom. Landlord won't let me paint over it. However, it does come with a box of Crayons so one can entertain oneself while doing one's business, whatever that might be. Oh, and don't use the toothbrush under the sink. Trust me!

#2. Formica countertop. I can live with that. Have to live with it for now.

#3. Lower kitchen cabinets. Hid-Dee-ous.

#4. Colonial wallpaper. Martha would be proud. Washington, that is.

#5. WHATEVER YOU DO--DON'T LOOK DOWN! That's the sign I'm going to put up as you enter my kitchen. I can't change the floor, but believe it or not after painting the walls, it has toned it down some.

#6. Dark paneling. Paint covers a multitude of 'sins' I say.

I'll post painted kitchen pics as soon as I take them. It turned out really nice if I do say so myself.
On to other news.
Sunny needs the internet adapter for work, so I am without internet service until evenings. Tonight has been the first evening I could get on to post due to severe thunderstorms we've had this past week. It's made me have tremors. Thank God for chocolate to console me.
Tomorrow we're off to Colo. Spgs to a neighborhood yardsale. There will be 60+ yardsales. WooHoo!
It's All Groovy Good!


  1. Oh Brenda!!! You made this all so funny. I'm sure there are moments when these things drive you nuts - - - but they made for a GREAT post.

    I'd like to see them in their context - - - I bet they AREN'T as bad as you made them out to be!!

  2. I kinda like the wall paper in the bathroom. Believe it or not I think we had that same flooring in a trailer we used to live in in the seventies! And guess what? It was throughout the room, kitchen, hallway, bedrooms, bathroom too!!!

    Green and gold is coming back in style isn't it???

    Blessings Brenda, enjoyed your photos!

  3. You are always entertaining!!!! The owners apparently have personality and are not plain vanilla!!!!

  4. This gave me a good chuckle tonight. Thanks for that! Looks like a challenge to make it what you want it to be, but I know you will!

  5. There is no doubt in my mind that with your craftiness, you can make it all work!! I like the bathroom wallpaper - it's cute!

  6. I enjoyed the tour of your new home. Wish I could be at the yard sale day. Love those. Then I would run up to Beulah to see my niece and family.

  7. Oh, I SO feel your pain! Our landlady won't let us do much do our house either. We just got rid of the big, clunky, YELLOW refrigerator because it finally broke down to the point that our landlady replaced it. Our stove it so old and yellow that it looks dirty all the time. We have the same issue with our countertops, and our floors are hardwood and two different types of laminate. Fortunately, all our walls are painted an eggshell color, but our windows are painted shut pretty badly. If we had a fire, we'd all be doomed.

    Sorry, misery loves company ;-)

  8. I would think you did pretty good at that gigantic yard sale. I'm sure some of them had "treasures" among their junk. Isn't that usually the case? {hugs}


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