Saturday, September 4, 2010


Wow, I didn't realize 'til just now that tomorrow will be...
a month since my last post.
Woo Hoo Happy Anniversary to Me!
Life, as usual, takes precedence over cyberspace.

Grace started 4th grade mid-August, then got a 'bug' that put her down for a week. She's fine now, just put us behind-er than we already were. Oh well, that's the beauty of homeschool. (I like new words!)

Sunny was moved from being a plumber into a heating/cooling sales position. Since he's been in real estate sales for the last 15 years, the owners thought he'd be better in their sales dept. rather than working in the field. We are so grateful and blessed to even have a job in this economy, and Sunny is a hard worker and in good shape, but he's also 55 years old and some nights he wasn't getting home until 11. Then needing to leave for work by 6:30--after awhile it takes its toll. So, this is much better physically for him, and we get to see him more.

I finished painting my studio (glorified name for craft room). Just need some small tweaks here and there but all in all it's done, and I've been able to work in there. I've never had my own little space to create other than the kitchen table and I'm loving it!

I know, I know you want pictures. They're coming. Honest!

We're all missing Chels. We haven't seen her since last January. Good news is that she has a week coming and will be visiting probably in November. YAY! I thought that at least Grace and I would've been able to fly up there (near Seattle) by now, but we just weren't able to swing it.

I'll be doing my first craft show here in town Halloween weekend. They've been having it for many years, and it's not very expensive to enter. A good place to get my feet wet and see if this is something I could do. Since I've been preparing for it, I decided to put my Etsy store on hold until hopefully the first of November. (I don't blame anyone for saying, I'll believe that when I see it.)

There you have it. Our life in a nice little comfortable nutshell--or could it be 'hiding under the shadow of the Almighty'? I like that better. His Love, His comfort, His grace and mercy, His sacrifice, His blessings. Who could ask for more?

It's All I'm Content Good!



  1. So glad you posted. I've been thinking about you and wondering what in the world was going on with you guys!! Sounds good!!!

  2. What, you mean BLOGGING isn't REAL life???????

    Shoot - - - and here I thought I WAS living!

  3. Great news about the job situation! I'm looking forward to seeing your studio. I had just inherited one son's room when he married before we moved, so I had had only barely started with it, and now I have a room in the new house to set up. It's kind of last after the living areas (I'm STILL working on those!!!), but once I get it set I am hoping to start an Etsy shop.

  4. I check in with you every once in awhile. Sounds like good reasons for your absence. Glad Grace is feeling better!

    We were down in your neck of the woods this week-end for Family Camp up above Divide - wonderful wonderful 3 days!

  5. It's you! I'm so glad to hear from you.

    OK, my curiosity is way up. WHAT are you crafting? What have you created? PLEASE share!

    I hope you do really well at the craft show.

  6. Sounds good and it's great to hear from you. I've been very spotty with posting also. I think you're enjoying your new life and God is leading you guys. Hope you get to see your other daughter real soon and best wishes with the craft show. We're back to school also, but our hearts are not in it, really. Last year of home school. Hope we can plow through.

  7. Happy happy to you, it only took me one week to get that to you ;o
    Always good to hear when someone get to do a job where they can sleep when they should!

    Hope the work for the craft show is going according to plan. I'll have to go search when Halloween weekend is. Hope people aren't scared away to go and spend lots'omoney at your stall.


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