Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hodgepodge—short & sweet

1.  What is something you are loving right now?

I’m loving using my new word “resolve”.  It is really helping me to be a conscious eater.  
2. Paris, Venice, New York, and Rome are considered four of the most romantic cities in the world. Which one would you most like to visit?

I think for starters I’d like to go to NYC.  Then on to Paris…maybe.  I’m just not big on flying over oceans.  :)

3. Are you a romantic?

Not really, unless you count my answer to #4.
4. What's your favorite love story made for the Big Screen? 
You’ve Got Mail—hands down!
“I wanted it to be you, I wanted it to be you so badly.”
5. Everyone loves Pooh bear and friends...which character are you most like and why? Click here for help in answering this question.
This hit the nail on the head with misbehaving children.  I love kids, but have a hard time with the ones who are disrespectful and disregard other kiddos as well as adults.  Not tolerated in my book, and they know it, if they hang around me for long.

6. What's the best chocolate something you've ever eaten?

This is hard since I’m a dark chocolate lover.     

7. Share a favorite quote about love.

John 15:13  Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

40 days until Spring!

It’s All Craving Chocolate Now Good!



  1. I loved reading this! # 8 was my favorite.

  2. Well, it's Spring here!!! Come on down and enjoy the balmy, mild temps. And the beach? Do you like walking on the beach? Oh........and I too like dark chocolate best. Something I crave is DARK covered raisinettes.

    Walking in Sunshine is my Wednesday Link...for Hodgepodge answers, scroll down a bit.

  3. Enjoyed!!! And, Spring is not that far away.

  4. Love the brief, pithy answers - I haven't done this meme, but would most likely be Owl. But I have no tolerance for ill behaved and disrespectful kids either. We have quite a few who come to church with no supervision, and no training - it's sad to see how little they know about how to act. That's not to say I don't have to get after my own grands as well!

    Well, have a great day - the chocolate question was hard - too many to remember the best! But it's possibly the Godiva pieces that I bought while wandering around DC and landing at the Union Station stores. Good memory.

  5. I'm not sure how accurate that groundhog is. 40 days seems like such a ways away!

  6. They say we may see some snow later today...it has been a mild winter but overnite turned cold. Choosing a favorite chocolate dessert was nearly impossible. I've never had a bad chocolate dessert : )

  7. I was actually a little surprised I got Kanga, I was sure I would be Owl or Rabbit. I love some good Dark Chocolate too.

  8. I have no desire to travel to any of those places.

    I got Kanga, too. :-)

    Love your answer to @7.

    Looking forward to spring!

  9. Great answers. Hard to believe it's almost spring time already.

  10. Now i want chocolate... and to watch You've Got Mail! :-) And oh, how I wish spring was really almost here... we've still got at least 3 more months to go... sigh...

  11. I would absolutely LOVE to visit NYC to see a Broadway show...been dreaming of that for years!

  12. Is it really 40 days until spring? I live in Florida, and we've had such a mild winter thus far that one might think spring is right around the corner!

  13. We're just a bunch of congregating Kangas. :) I should think that it makes it a very safe and uplifting place. :)

  14. It cracks me up that we are all Kangas... Bird's of a feather??

  15. I want to go to New York too and my daughter loves dark chocolate. I don't turn it down, but I like milk chocolate better.

  16. I'm a Kanga, too, (and I have little tolerance for misbehaving children, as well.) I'm so ready for spring, even though winter here has been mild.

  17. New follower from the HOP, hope you come by and follow!! Yay 40 days!!!

  18. Most of us are Kangas! And I don't see so many children these days, my grands are 18-30!


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