Sunday, February 5, 2012

Life around here

This post will be a mixture of my life goings-on as well as thoughts bouncing around in my head.  So, if it seems a little scattered…well…

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Sunny was permanently laid off from his job.  I know the words ‘laid off’ sounds really bad especially in this economy, but I can honestly say there are no negatives in this decision.  Sunny left on good terms with the company.  It was costing $60 a week non-reimbursed traveling time.  We can freely advertise our services now without feeling a conflict of interest (though his previous company did not like to work in this area).  He has been able to get in the books and study for his Master Plumber’s license.  He takes the test April 20th.

Our business, Eddy Plumbing & Heating, is now full-time again and business is good.  It’s funny to me how the Lord sometimes has to give us a little nudge, or shove, or an all out kick in the hiney before we ‘get it’!  That’s how this all came about.  Our plans were to go full-time, oh in about 6 months or so.  Because of past experiences we have erred on the side of caution.  But the Lord knew it was time to ‘get out of the boat’.


Do any of you watch Biggest Loser?  Every Tuesday night Grace and I head over to my mother-in-law’s to spend the evening with her and watch BL.  We’ve been doing this for several seasons.  It’s been enjoyable, for the most part, though I’d rather just watch the challenges and weigh-in and lose the drama.  This particular season’s drama is really annoying me.  Seriously annoying me.  In fact I can hardly stand to watch it.  Are any of you feeling that way?  I’d rather stay home and do something more constructive, but we do enjoy the company.  To suggest we watch something else is out of the question.  What to do?

Moving on…

Our Pastor had some good food-for-thought remarks today that really hit home.  The message was taken from James 3 and 4.  What particularly spoke to me was my responsibility to forgiveness and then prayer during the upcoming elections.  Though this was only a small part of his sermon, it really made me aware of my own self-righteousness.  What if, instead of bashing our President, we prayed for him?  And if/when we do pray for him, is it with humility in that we are no better or worse than him or our perception of him?  What if my prayers of humility and concern for our government was what helped turn the tide in our nation?  What if I totally trusted God, who is absolute Truth, to speak to me concerning who to vote for or *audible gasp* whether to vote at all *gasp again* rather than the media, which is filled with deception and untruths?   Like I said—food for thought.

{What our Pastor mentioned on forgiveness was a springboard for my own thoughts on listening to His voice.  It has nothing to do with whether we will or will not vote.  Just wanted to clarify.}

And finally, I couldn’t leave without a bit of humor…

I was making Focaccia bread dough in my bread machine earlier this week.  This is the first time I’ve done this (and will be the last), but I propped up my 1/3 cup container against the paddle inside to drain the remaining olive oil while I gathered up the rest of the ingredients.  And, you guessed it.  I forgot about it and proceeded to dump all the ingredients in and start the machine.  About five minutes into the cycle I peeked in like I usually do to see if it needed more water.  I noticed that it hadn’t mixed into a ball and appeared like I had added too much water to start with.  Then I saw it--a sickly green color just under the surface of the dough and thought What On Earth?  I’m glad I found it before it jammed my bread machine.
Sing it with me…

All is well (all is well)…with my dough (with my dough)…all is well, all is well with my dough!

It’s All My Scattered Thoughts Good!



  1. First, about the new plumbing business-God is soooo good. Second, don't watch BL. Third, agree with prayer but as a precint worker not with not voting!! Fourth, oh my. Glad ou took a peek. Fifth - loved the song!

  2. You are so funny! Glad your bread machine is still working. :)
    Great news on the business and God's leading! I like your comments from James. Very timely as I am just getting into James 3 in a Bible study.

  3. That's so great how the business stuff is working out!

    I do watch BL and I have been SO annoyed with many of the contestants this year. I do wish the show would stay away from the drama and focus more on tips for exercising, eating, etc. I am hoping that one girl goes soon and hoping that will take care of most of the conflict.

    I do think we should pray more for our leadership, but I think we have a responsibility to vote as the Lord leads, too: not to vote for one candidate is to vote for the other, if that makes sense.

  4. I have been having the exact same feelings about that particularly obnoxious 22 year old Conda. She is the most obnoxious person on that show in all the seasons I've watched - I couldn't believe they sent Nancy home last week instead of her. So irritating. I have thought of quitting this season, too, but haven't yet. It does remind me of one other year when there was a trouble maker and I remember when she went home and her family met her at the plane, they all had on t-shirts that said "Jesus" on the back. I was pretty horrified about that. I think BL has joined in too much with the other "reality" shows with the game playing. Annoying. I wish Jillian hadn't left.

  5. It sounds like Sunny's being laid off is a God thing. And a "God thing" is always a good thing! And praying for a president we don't really care for is always challenging and humbling, that's for sure! Be blessed this week Girl!

  6. Such good thoughts on praying for the President. I admit I seldom do, but I often question why he is there, then remember it is God who put him there, and so my "beef" is with God. That's a humbling realization.

    Your dough song cracks me up! I can't tell you how many bread machine "boo-boos" I've had. Enough to fill an oven!


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