Thursday, March 1, 2012

My FB Giveaway and New Blog

I would like to formally introduce you to my B.E. Creative Co. blog.  It is an extension of my Etsy shop as well as my new Facebook page, all three a work in progress!

But about my giveaway.  I’m not telling what it is, and it’s going on at my Facebook page.  Spring is almost here (WOO! HOO!), so I’m doing a 20 Questions Til Spring Thing countdown.  This is also my way of getting to know you better.  If you’ve missed any questions, just scroll down and comment with your answer.  

{Added 3/2—I realize some people are not on Facebook, so, to be fair, I will post the daily questions here and on my B.E. Creative Co. blog}

Here are some ways to get your name entered in my giveaway:

  • ‘Like’ B.E. Creative Co. on Facebook
  • Answer the daily question I post (20 questions = 20 entries!)  {Added 3/2—questions can be answered on either FB, this blog, or B.E. Creative = one entry per question}
  • I’ll also throw your name in the hat if you head over to B.E. Creative Co. blog and leave me a comment.
  • For another entry you can even ‘follow’ me there—though I wish they’d come up with another word!
  • And one more entry if you link back to the B.E. Creative Co. blog with a post about my giveaway on your blog.  (Please let me know if/when you do.)

There you have it!  Five ways to enter and even more entries if you answer all ‘20 Questions Til Spring’!

No worries, this blog (It’s All Good) isn’t going to be used as a constant ad campaign! 

It’s All B.E. Creative Good!


For the duration of Giveaway, rules are posted above.

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