Friday, April 20, 2012

Being Spiritually Scattered

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Do you ever get to a point in your life where you feel scattered?  Too many things coming at you from too many directions.  Trying to be five different places at the same time?  Scattered.

I’ve found for me that the root of these feelings come because I have allowed myself to become spiritually scattered.  

{OK totally off subject but…looking out my window as I type this afternoon, I’m seeing a couple of boys who have decided to unload their trash in my front yard, NOT GOOD!  be right back…}

Everything is under control.  Now, where was I? 

Ah yes, feeling scattered, Sheesh!

Becoming spiritually scattered can happen many different ways.  For me, it’s allowing my daily devotions and prayer to become hit and miss. 

For some, it could be a false sense of responsibility to others and their requests that causes one to ‘overbook’ outside needs which could then cause neglect on the home front.  Doing so much but accomplishing so little.

Learning to say no without feeling--or being made to feel--guilty is a hard one to conquer, but it can be done.  Allowing the Lord to lead and direct our steps helps.  Before giving an answer to a request, take it to the Lord.  What does He have to say about it?  Will doing what someone is requesting take you away or draw you closer to the Lord?  your spouse?  your kids? 

Getting myself re-focused spiritually doesn’t make the ‘stuff’ go away, but it does help me walk in His peace and helps me to reprioritize if need be. 

It’s All Peacefully Good!


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  1. nodding along with ya ... I like your term "spiritually scattered" - well, I don't like BEING spiritually scatttered but I can relate to it!! Satan probably enjoys seeing Christians flounder like that - but in God's strength we don't have to flounder for long!! :)

  2. By acknowledging your state, you're well on the way to overcoming it.

  3. Great post! I've experienced this many times and when I do, things just don't feel right. Thanks for the reminder to get back on track!

  4. I so agree with you on the learning to say "no". And, yes, I think saying "yes", until you've really learned to say "no" is more out of a feeling of guilt than truly following the Lord. I know in my own life I was so thankful when I finally realized that and could say "no" because I knew it was not something The Lord was wanting me to do.

  5. Very well said and something I need to work on.

  6. oh yes, it happens---great post, thanks

  7. It sure is hard to NOT feel guilty when you say NO. After awhile though, it gets easier and you feel so much better. Your life becomes less hectic and you feel less frazzled.

    On another note, I tagged you on my recent blog post. Play along if you'd liike.

  8. I like the way you expressed this - I do get spiritually scattered when I don't schedule time into my day for my devotions. I'm too tired in the morning so I don't get up early enough to allow time for devotions - or I let other things push my devotions to the side. I have started (again) to memorize scripture and that really helps me. thanks for the encouragement!


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