Sunday, April 22, 2012


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I love homemade tortillas.  Years ago when we lived in Texas we’d grab a burrito at a cafe that was in a little old house on the bad side of town.  They’d make your tortilla-to-order by hand. It would be the size of and as perfectly round as a dinner plate.  I’d have a bean and potato burrito with their pico de gallo (salsa).  My mouth is watering as I write.  I have never had a better burrito and that was 20 years ago!

Through the years I’ve tried my hand at making tortillas, but I gave up for two reasons.  One, and this is a lazy excuse, but it’s not worth the effort for so little a yield. 

My second reason is because they end up looking like these.  I can’t make a round tortilla to save my life.  But, if you were doing a contest on the shapes of the States, count me in.



100_8409 100_8411 100_8406

Do you make homemade tortillas?  And are they round? 

(If you saw the face of Jesus, John Lennon or Elvis in any of these, let me know.  It could mean my ticket to wealth! ;)

It’s All At Least They’re Tasty Good!


I’m also participating here.


  1. I'm impressed! I've never tried making tortillas, but I'm sure they wouldn't be round and I'm not sure they would taste too great either!

  2. When I was growing up in Santa Fe there was a Spanish family that lived behind us and she would make the BEST tortilla's hot off the grill and lather butter on them and give them to us. SOO good. I tried making them once and decided the effort was not worth it. I'm sure mine weren't "round" but if we had a contest I think I might win :o) !!!!

    I know what you mean about the little "hole in the wall" places. When I go to Albuquerque to visit my forever friend we go to a tiny little cafe that has only a few stools and eat the BEST Mexican food. It's not a place you'd find unless you knew it was there.

  3. hahaha you are hilarious--i didn't see any faces--maybe i will take another look, if you agree to split any money with me--great stuff

  4. Don't most of the places who make round ones have a special press so they get that way? My neighbor makes them but she is from Ecuador so I think she had some practice before getting to the US.

  5. HA! What a hoot! I've made them before too, and just find they're too much work, when you can buy them fairly cheap. I think I saw a shark face in the 3rd one. Such talent!!

  6. Well as long as they taste good, I don't imagine the shape matters too much. No I have never made them.

  7. I've never tried but they look wonderful and who cares what their shape is. I love your posts you always make me laugh!


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