Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kindergarten Memories

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The one teacher that sticks out in my memory as being the most influential in my life was my kindergarten teacher, believe it or not!  That was a long time ago, but some of the memories I can see like it were yesterday.

Miss Woods.  She was a soft-spoken, kind soul who made it her mission to see the good in every child.  That included me.

I was tall and gangly for my age, a tomboy with short black hair.  And guess what?  She had short black hair!  How cool was that?  It kind of took the sting out of getting my long hair cut into a pageboy at the barber’s, yep, the barber shop.  I’ll bet Miss Woods went to the beauty parlor.

I don’t remember Miss Woods treating any child in her classroom differently from another.  I had her undivided attention when she talked to me, or so it seemed.  To her, no child was smarter, prettier or dressed better than another.  Though I know for a fact that there really were kids smarter, prettier and who dressed better than I did.

One of my favorite things to do were the puzzles.  We would get one of those foil licky-sticky stars for every puzzle we completed.  There are only so many puzzles a classroom can have, and I did them over and over and over getting a star each time I completed it.  And lo and behold I, Brenda Wise, did the most puzzles that year and was so proud to walk up on the stage and receive my award!  I think I still have it stashed away in my School Daze Book Mom put together for us. 

Several of us kids had her for kindergarten.  Through all of grade school she still always remembered us and acknowledged us by name.

To my knowledge she was never married.  I remember running into her when I was a young adult.  She was just as kind and friendly.  I’ll have to do some research on her, hopefully she hasn’t passed on.  I would love to thank her for her kindness towards this gangly girl with short black hair. 

It’s All Thank You Miss Woods Good!

Brenda, Chief Puzzle Maker!

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  1. Loved you sharing this!! Teachers have such an impact on children, some good some bad. I remember a teacher Suzette had trouble with in Jr. High. I finally said to her one day, "If you'd call her Suzette, her first name, instead of Joyce, it might help." The woman could never remember Suzette's first name!!!!

  2. i am always impressed by someone, who is good at puzzles--my mother loved them----what a wonderful memory you shared :)

  3. I remember my kindergarten teacher too - thanks for sharing your memories of yours!

  4. This is a precious memory. Teachers do make an impression in our young lives. My kindergarten teacher was a lovely and kind woman too. In fact she taught my oldest son in Kindergarten too!

  5. Saying hi from the Challenge. What sweet kindergarten memories. I'm sure she'd love to know how important she was to you.

  6. Those early teachers are so important! I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month.

  7. Kindergarten was so fun. There was a certain air freshener that they used in my kindergarten class that brings me back every time I smell it. Thanks for sharing. Your post made me think about my early school year.


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