Saturday, June 2, 2012

My baby’s 11

Grace celebrated her 11th birthday first with a shopping date with her sister (they let me tag along).  Chels took her to Old*Navy and bought her some really cute skirts and tops then to Nood*les for lunch.  (Love these two so much, but c’mon!  Buttered noodles and mac ‘n cheese?  Switch it up a little will ya?)


Next was a sleepover.  Six beautiful, giggling girls—very well disciplined and respectful (hats off to the parents).  I’m glad someone decided to tag it ‘sleepever’ instead of ‘slumber party’.  No more all nighters, thank God!dscn0597

I’d never seen these balloons that have LED lights in them.


The girls tied them to their bikes and we rode around town making them do silly things at various homes, ending up at the park after dark.




Watching Sunny, Brice and Chels figure out these balloons was hilarious! 



Note to you three nuts:  Sometimes Step One is implied (tying a knot in the balloon first)!


 Love Sunny’s cone head!

It’s All {I guess it really does take a village} Good!



  1. Happy Birthday to Grace! Looks like a good time was had by all - once the balloons were figured out!

  2. What wonderful fun times. Love the balloons didn't have any idea they had such a thing. I know how special this year is with all 4 of you in Colorado!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Grace!

    And you are a pretty stinkin' cute 11 year old too!

  4. aww, looks and sounds like a perfect 11 year old birthday!! :) Happy Birthday to your girl. :)

  5. Happy birthday to Grace! I've never seen lights in balloons like that. How cool!

  6. Oh my. My "baby" is 35. But I try not to think about that too much. Enjoy your baby now. They grow just too fast.

  7. what a sweet baby you have! I remember those innocent days. (My girl is 31). So nice to hear sleepovers and bike riding and balloons are still cool. You're a good mom. :-)

  8. i have never eaten at noodles--robyn has a friend that works there--and we keep meaning to try it----very cool balloons---happy birthday to your daughter!!

  9. Your "baby" is so pretty (so is Chels). And I adore the balloons! Never heard of them, but I will be on the lookout!


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