Monday, June 11, 2012


Wow!  It’s the middle of June already.  We had such a mild May that it seems we’ve already had a month of summer, which is fine by me!  It hit 105 on Saturday.  Glad we were in Pueblo where it was only 100!

Life around our house has been very busy but rewarding.  We’ve been doing a ton of yard work and are finally seeing some fruit of our labors in the form of…

Grass!  Yep, doesn’t take much to thrill us, does it?!  For those of you who have had lawns forever this might not be such a big deal.  But if you’ve lived in a home that was previously neglected for years, prompting grass to grow is a huge deal. 

Our backyard is pretty big, and because our town is on a watering schedule we’ve had to seed in sections.  We’ve also had to pay for an extra two hours a day (a 3-week permit).  So, we’re getting there and by the end of the summer it’ll be looking good.

We’ve got the garden planted with peppers, zucchini, spinach, cantaloupe, tomatoes and green beans. 

I never realized how much I enjoy working out in the yard.

The swimming pool opens tomorrow, so Grace and I will be heading over there for a refreshing afternoon.  Because it’s not heated and being the weenie that I am, I’ll wait a few weeks before dipping my toes in.  It’s fun, though, watching those die-hard kiddos shivering with their blue lips yet going in for more!

It’s All Loving Summer Good!



  1. It's been really hot here over the weekend - but not that hot! Last night it cooled off and the humidity is down, and I'm thankful. :)
    In your words - it's all good!

  2. Our hot has only hit in the 90s. We are catching up to you! ;-) My garden has been planted too. Reading your post though, I realized I forgot the string beans this year. Ugh!
    I am very jealous you have a pool! I keep whining, I mean asking my husband if we can get one.

  3. We had a dirt backyard until two summers ago so I understand your appreciation of grass! I bet you would love some rain as much as I would though, huh? I think this summer is going to be a hot one!

  4. We're working on our yard too but we have to get rid of all the weeds before we put down any seed =/ What did you do to get rid of the weeds?

    If you crave some more yardwork there's always mine.. :)

  5. We need to do some work on our yard. Right now we have more weeds than grass! haha Have fun at the pool...I think I'm jealous. :)

  6. It all sound nice and very productive and well worth it.

  7. So thankful for the folks in our area who, like you, love yard work--I get to enjoy the fruits of their labors when I drive by. :) My yard, on the other hand, needs someone with a large pair of pruning shears and the knowledge of just where to apply them. LOL

  8. Brenda, I'm passing on an award to you today! Check out my June 16th post. :-)

  9. wow 100--it's cool here today!

  10. My mom looks forward to the day she can open her swimming pool each year! She opened it about a month ago, and she's in it every day, even when it's freezing! Good luck with your garden!


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