Monday, July 9, 2012

Water, sunshine and yellow!





What goes around…

dscn0678a Comes around!



While her dad was in a class in historic downtown, Grace took advantage of the warm weather and splashed around in the fountain.

Little did we know that the warm weather would turn into hot within a few days and would stay between 100 and 110 degrees hot for the next three weeks.  Thankfully we have a nice town pool which is where she has spent most of her summer so far!

I would much rather have hot weather than extreme cold, but I’ve got to tell ya that it has definitely zapped us, since we’re not used to it being quite this hot for extended periods of time.

But hope springs eternal.  We received the most refreshing rain yesterday and a good drizzling rain through the night.  It’s nice to have a cool reprieve!

It’s All Refreshingly Good!



  1. Cute pictures!
    It's cooler here too, but still no rain.

  2. She is absolutely adorable!!! Now, you are getting a taste of what it's like to live in Oklahoma in the summer!!!!

  3. At least you've got the pool *jealous* The heat zaps my energy like no other, probably because I've gotten used to it not being so hot here..that is until this summer lol

  4. That looks so refreshing! The heat zaps me, too, and our AC went out. But we got a new unit installed today and rain is in the forecast, so things are looking better.

  5. I love her yellow outfit and I love your yellow blog!


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