Sunday, December 30, 2012

This is the Day

If you’ve been hanging around my blog very long you’ll know that one of my favorite verses is Ps. 118:24:  This is the day the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
I wake up either verbally quoting this scripture or thinking about it nearly every day.  Lord, let me rejoice in this day You have made.  I get to experience another day.  It will either be a good day or a bad one—my choice.
Sometimes opportunities present themselves to test whether I really believe this or not.  Putting-my-money-where-my-mouth-is kind of testing.  I’m not talking major issues that may come up, though even in those times His peace really does sustain me.  I’m just talking everyday life things that come up randomly or unexpectedly that could make or break the day, depending on my outlook.
Little thing #1…
Like computer issues.  New computer.  Screwed up.  Yep, had it three days and it freezes.  Only screen that comes up is the dreaded blue one that says ‘Your computer needs repairs’.  Forgetting about the store’s 14-day return policy, I made the mistake of calling the outsourced tech support.  He ‘hijacks’ my computer {which is really cool, btw, watching the arrow move all over my screen and I’m not touching it!} and informs me that a foreign trojan has come through my internet provider.  “But for $199.99 we can fix it.”  {never mind they can’t stop it in the first place}  I called my internet provider and they say “Oh really now”.  Long story short, the computer was messed up.  Had nothing to do with a virus or the fact that I didn’t register something.  It was defective from the get-go.
How did I handle this one?  I give myself a ‘C’.  Frustration did ‘hijack’ me for awhile—outsourced tech support from foreign countries tends to do that—but all in all I managed and things worked out better in the end.
Little thing #2…
When the nearest city is 35 minutes away, we have to plan and combine our trips.  So, off to Pueblo Grace and I went the next day with computer in tow.  Thankfully the exchange was done no questions asked.  Now off to get lunch, Kohl*s, Good*will (of course), Wal*Mart and I won’t go on with the other 4 stops (one being a unexpected parts run for Sunny before the store closes) because we got as far as Wal*Mart where we locked the keys in the van.  I call Sunny who, thankfully, can break away and come get us.  His attitude is, oh well, stuff happens.  But, it’s 4:10 so he first has to stop across town and get the part he needs before the store closes.  Picking us up is last on the list.
Ya know, Wal*Mart is an intriguing place when you’re the spectator.  Try it sometime when you have an hour to kill {or you lock your keys in your car.}  Very interesting people wander in…and wander back out.  Big, little, tall, short, snarly, happy, bed-heads, polished, gothic, pajama-clad.  You name it and you’re going to see it in an hour’s time.  I pulled my camera out and started ‘shooting from the hip’ as people passed in front of me.  None of them turned out except for my foot and Grace’s legs!
walmart fun 2012
walmart fun 2012
walmart fun 2012
{sidenote:  one could live for days there with no problem.  I was reminded of the movie with Tom Hanks where he has no country and has to live in the terminal…}
I’m giving Grace and I an ‘A’ on this one, because we decided that we weren’t going to let this ruin the rest of our day.  And it didn’t.  Sunny arrived, we finished our shopping and topped off the evening with dinner out at Chili*s.
I’ll have to admit in these situations, if I don’t consciously, out-loud remind myself to look at the bright side--or rejoice as the scripture states--I can end up with an average (or worse) grade.  
But I thank God His mercies are new every day.
It’s All Grade ‘A’ Good!


  1. :) One may as well see the GOOD and God's Hand in the bad or inconvenient situations ... and have some FUN while you're at it!! :)

  2. What a great post! You are so right - it's our choice whether it be good or bad. I think I should frame that verse and put it where I would see it every morning.

  3. So true it's all about our attitude. Fortunately Mickey & I usually keep our cool and sometimes we end up laughing because it truly is so funny!!!

  4. Well... heaven forbid we have to deal with the little things. So glad you were able to keep them at that status instead of letting them become BIG things. Good going Brenda and Grace!

  5. omgosh--i loved this--i would give you an A---and wasn't that hanks movie good!! happy new year brenda :)

  6. LOVE IT Brenda!!!
    What a time you had! But an attitude of gratitude always saves the day :) By the way ~ how is the computer thing going? Hopefully you have a BRAND NEW new one!
    Happy New Year,

  7. You don't have any idea how much I needed this very moment. You are an inspiration Brenda!


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