Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I’m left speechless

But…my fingers can still talk!

I am currently experiencing a bout of laryngitis.

I have been under the weather for a couple of days.  Nothing serious--at least nothing that mega-doses of Vitamin C and peppermint tea with honey can’t handle.  And it has worked quite well.   The sore throat and yucky feeling left this morning, but the laryngitis arrived this afternoon.

Not having my voice is fun for all of…a nano second.

Knowing you can’t talk is one thing. 

Forgetting you can’t talk is another.

So when those natural, spontaneous outbursts of song that break forth from my vocal chords as O Holy Night starts playing come out unexpected wheezy croaks instead—it can be a tad discomfiting.

But on the other hand, I am forced to be quiet.  I am forced to be a listener.  Funny, I’ve been without my voice for half a day, and I realize just how much I talk.

This is a hard, but good lesson I’m learning.  Be quiet.  And listen.

I’m liking the verse ‘Be still and know that I am God’ (Ps. 46:10a).

Sometimes that’s all He asks of me. 

Be still.  Don’t talk, don’t worship, don’t read, rein in my thoughts. 

Just be still.

Easier said than done in my life, I’m afraid.

I’m hoping when I wake up my voice will be back {after all, I’m no martyr!} and I’ll be able to belt out O Holy Night with the best of them.

But if not…

I will be still.

It’s All Literally Silent Night Good!



  1. That bug is running around in Michigan too - I've known several people who've had a time of quiet.
    Hope you are talking again soon!

  2. Glad your fingers can still talk!

  3. You are right, at least you can type and have your voice heard that way. Feel better soon!!

  4. I think we should all lose our voice now and then, if that's what it takes to make us better listeners. But, only for a day or so! Glad you have this blog as an outlet! Get better soon!

  5. Maybe Silent Night is the song you need. :-D Seriously, hope you're better soon. My husband has been battling a bug for two weeks.

  6. Hope you are feeling better!


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