Monday, February 18, 2013

What are the odds?



As I was shoved into the van by a huge gust of wind, both of my scarf ends were sucked out just as the door slammed behind me!  I had to get a picture of this, because I figure the chances of this happening to me again in my lifetime are pretty slim. 

It’s All Thank God My Foot Wasn’t in the Door Good!



  1. I love how you had to get a photo. A true blogger moment.

  2. Glad your camera was handy and not out of reach. Amazing how blogging has glued our camera's to us. I use to dig mine out for "special" days - birthdays and such. Now every time I head out the door I'm sure I have my camera.


  3. Hehehehe you are such a funny bunny.

    It's never happened to me - - - so I'd say the odds are pretty slim it will happen again.

  4. omgosh--this could've been bad!

  5. That is too funny! Love that you thought to take a picture!
    until next time...nel


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