Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dust Bowl revisited

I just looked up some 1930's Dust Bowl pics.  All I can say is is Wow!  There are so many similarities between then and now in more ways than one.

The following pics are of the dust storm that came through Fowler about a month ago.  Grace was playing out in the back yard when she called me to come out.  Thinking she wanted me to come watch her do cartwheels, and working on a project involving glue, I didn't rush out.  A minute later she hollered that there was a "big brown cloud".  I then realized this was serious and went running to the back door. By the time I got there it had overtaken us.  We quickly ran through the house shutting windows, but not quick enough.  Dust was in every crack and crevice...every crack and crevice!  This storm blew for 45 minutes!

I had seen them on the news when we lived in Flagstaff, as the Phoenix valley experiences dust storms from time to time, but this was a first for us.

It's All I Need to Dust Good!



  1. Wow - those pictures are really incredible! After seeing them, I can only imagine the dust that was in your house.

  2. In the late 50's while I still lived in NM we would have those dust storms that meant a complete re-cleaning of the entire house. Also, back in those days we did not have air conditioning and all the windows would be open!! Glad you were able to get pictures of it.

  3. Wow!! I've been somewhat fascinated with the Dust bowl era ever since I watched a documentary recently on Netflix. I can't imagine all the dust in your house if you were right in the middle of that.

  4. Hi, Brenda! Great to see you blogging, again! Wow, that dust storm is CRAZY! I've never seen anything like that before!


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