Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The New Me

Wow, I thought I'd never get back to journaling on here.  Three months is quite the stretch.  I'm excited to start up again.

I decided to come back with a whole new look.  I almost changed my header name, but decided that's still a part of me and always will be.  But the new simple slim and trim look reflects who I am...on the inside.  

I'm living a life of simplicity.

I've slimmed down by following and old tried and true diet called TWOGO, (maybe you've already heard of it?--The Word of God Only diet?) which is helping me trim off the excess fat from Christian material that can easily take the place of simply getting in the Word.

Don't get me wrong.  Christian books/study guides/devotionals/television, etc. are not bad in and of themselves.  But when that is a Christian's primary focus of study with an occasional scripture thrown in to add validity to what an author/preacher is saying--after all he quoted scripture, so it must be true--be careful!  If you don't take the time to take that scripture and plug it back into context, you are setting yourself up for possible deception.

As for the me on the outside, let's just say you won't be finding any before and after pictures {thank you menopause} but I have managed to maintain weight, exercise and nutrition which is a good thing.

More on my simple life later.

It's All Refreshingly Good!



  1. A good word, as usual. "Yes, In the beginning was the Word..." and the Bible must be the first on a daily basis, and the others as "add on's" or we might say dessert.

  2. I like your new blog look. Clean and simple is always good.

  3. I like the new look, very simple and pretty.

  4. Nice look! And true, we need to spend more time and focus on the Word itself rather than things that talk about the Word.


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