Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday's Fave five

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1.  I'm flattered that my family loves my cooking, but I'm not getting ahead in the freezer-meal department because of it.  I planned on doubling three meals with the intention of freezing portions for meals down the road.  Grace loves Chicken Tortilla Soup and, after the initial dinner, she and her dad ate it every day for lunch.  It's gone.  That was last week.  This week they enjoyed the Stuffed Pepper Soup recipe Mari posted several months ago.  Same will be gone today.  Thankfully I managed to stretch the shredded beef (roast) into two extra freezer meals.  Oh well, at least it not going to waste.

2.  The weather was finally warm enough to take a nice leisurely walk yesterday.  I say leisurely because Grace came with me.   It was also unexpectedly nice today, because a friend came out after seeing us walk by, so we visited for awhile.  Then another friend, an elderly lady, invited us in for a bit.  So with the combination of walking with my daughter, whose little legs can't keep up with my pace, and visiting friends, I didn't get my heart rate up enough to call it exercise, but I wouldn't trade a beautiful day like this for the world! 

3.  Our Trailblazer is now at the mechanic's to get a new transmission.  That is good news, believe it or not.  I know, needing a new tranny isn't the greatest news, but finally getting it fixed is.  We've been a one-vehicle family for quite awhile.  I'm looking forward to having my own wheels soon.

4.  We are taking on a more relaxed style of homeschooling lately and it is working perfectly.  I have never been super rigid in my approach, but Grace was still struggling in some areas of formal book learning.  Taking this new approach has allowed both of us to relax and I've noticed she is retaining a lot more. 

5.  I'm thankful our plumbing/HVAC business is going so well.  Today, Sunny had to go out on a furnace call.  An old cowboy/redneck family friend met him out there.  It didn't take them long to figure out the problem and fix it.  As Sunny was making out the invoice, Ed says in his booming drawl, "Sunny, I know if we would've had to call the plumber from the city they would've charged $300.00."  My husband says, "Well, Ed, what do you think would be a reasonable charge for this call?"  Ed thinks for a minute and replies, "Oh, I think about $136.00?".  Cracked me up!

It's All Happy Easter Good!


  1. What a blessing that the business is going well! Glad for you to be getting wheels again.
    I've found the secret to freezer meals is to immediately separate them and put one in the freezer. Otherwise, my family does the same thing yours does. :)

  2. I had to laugh at your freezer meal dilemma! Maybe you should cook three meals at once. ;)

    Glad your business is going well. I have to wonder how far off the mark Ed's guess at the bill was.

    Been there and done that on having a new tranny put in our vehicle. Actually over the years, we've done it 3 times ...

  3. I found the same thing with trying to make freezer meals. I guess it's a good problem to have. If I do that now, I make sure I put away the freezer meal before we even sit down to eat the immediate meal. That helps. (And I just noticed Mari said the same thing.)

    Praise God for blessing your business. $136 seems like such a random number. LOL.

  4. Joe's son Joey and I just came in from a walk on the beach that was just like the one you describe with your daughter...not very quick but certainly times to be treasured.

  5. omgosh I loved your last fave. As i sit here typing this a plumber JUST left my house on an emergency call. My husband said "Well it's a good thing that they take Visa. The bill was a little over $265!!!!!!!!" ridiculous. BUT...we can now take showers again, use the washer and dishwasher with out water getting all over my basement floor. this is the SECOND time in 2 years that we have had issues. Thank God THIS Time the plumber had a clue!! LOVED all your faves.....have a blessed Easter!

  6. I used to love to cook too ! but now after nearly 40 years of cooking I became lazy !
    You are so lucky that the weather warms up we are still in winter and even had snow !

  7. $136.00.....hahahahaha!! I love that:)

    Ok, tell me your "relaxed" secret about school. What are you doing differently these days?

  8. With just three of us at home I had avoided making some of the big family meals I used to, but I've found that I love having the leftovers for lunch, or, if there is enough, for another meal later in the week. My family doesn't mind leftovers at all (provided they liked what it was in the first place :-) ). As long as it gets used one way or another.

    Glad the business is going so well!


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