Sunday, March 24, 2013

And speaking of...

Sunny and I had a nice evening celebrating our 32nd anniversary.  We went to a movie and dinner while Grace hung out with her Gramies.  Hard to believe it's been that many years. A lot of good times, a mess of bad memories, a ton of growing up, growing together, and in my case, growing out--of proportion--on some bodily parts which shall remain nameless.  Thankfully that is being remedied! Married life through thick and thin doing our best to keep God front and center.  And speaking of birthdays...

We had a nice surprise get-together to celebrate my mom's 77th birthday.  All five of us siblings who live in the area were able to come along with some spouses and grand kids.  We met at a buffet and enjoyed a good visit.  And speaking of prepping...

I've noticed that laptop bags are a dime a dozen at thrift stores.  The other day I had an 'epiphany' {i know, doesn't take much} and bought one to use for a first aid kit to put in our van.  My sister had extra first aid supplies that she gave us.  The items fit perfectly in the laptop bag which also fits perfectly behind his seat.  I've assembled another one from our own bag for our other vehicle.  It's nice to know that if we come upon any type of accident we can give practical help while awaiting EMT's to arrive. There are so many other uses for these bags, I'll definitely be picking up more for other grab-and-go kits.  And speaking of context...

I know I have mentioned this before, but it chaps my hide when scripture is taken out of context.  It is so prevalent today.  Actually, the more I'm thinking about this the more I feel this is meant for a post by itself, so I guess this will be continued.  And speaking of Duck Dynasty...

Hey! Do you ever watch Duck Dynasty...Jack?  {if you didn't get the 'hey' and the 'jack' then I assume you don't watch it}  Chels and Brice got us the 2nd season for Christmas.  All I can say is Hilarious!  And speaking of snow...

YES!  We had our first official snowfall/blizzard yesterday.  Finally some moisture, though the fierceness of the storm we could've done without.  And speaking of Spring...

It's All I've made it through the winter Good!



  1. Glad you had a nice anniversary and got to celebrate your Mom's BD too.
    I saw my first episode of Duck Dynasty this past week. I thought I better watch it after all the good things I keep hearing and I loved it.
    Looking forward to the post on verses out of contest!

  2. Newsy interesting post. Sounds like life is good. I especially liked 5 of you siblings getting together to celebrate your mom's 77th birthday. Naturally, I would relate to that, except mine would be 3 now :o( Haven't heard from you much. Hope I haven't offended you in some way and that you're just super busy. Don't watch Duck Dynasty so don't know what all that is about but I certainly see it mentioned a lot.

  3. Belated happy anniversary!

    We watched about 15 minutes or so of Duck Dynasty - and that's about all we could take. :-)

    I agree about taking verses out of context.

  4. That's a great idea for the first aid kit! I'm going to copy your idea (if you don't mind). I keep all kinds of emergency stuff in my car (my boy does play ice hockey after all).
    Happy belated anniversary!


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