Thursday, March 14, 2013

friday's fave five

Even before the buds show on the trees, even before the grass starts turning green...even before the flowers bloom, there is hope of the smell of burning ditches where farmers are prepping and in the smell of the first skunk...yep, we smelled it last night.  Crazy, I know, but that odor made my heart do a little dance!

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1. And speaking of hope...
The Lord has really given Sunny and I a peace and a hope in the midst of such unrest and uncertainty.  We don't have to worry, but we do need to be prepared for whatever happens.  We don't have to live in hopelessness, but we can have peace that the Lord will make a way when there seems no way.  For any who are suffering with hopelessness and despair during these tumultuous times the Lord is a prayer away.  If you talk sincerely to Him about anything, He is there to give you direction.

2.  Last Sunday we celebrated 'Christmas in March' with our daughter and her boyfriend.  Chels and Brice live in northern Colorado, several hours away.  With everyone's work schedules the way they are, none of us were able to get together until then.  It was a nice visit and after opening gifts to each other, we went out to eat at the local diner and then went out shooting.  It's nice to have things in common.  Brice and his brother have been hunters for awhile, but we're coming a little late on the scene.  Better late than never, I say, given the reality of the world we live in.  I'm enjoying this hobby we can all share.  If you're on top of the news with gun-control, Colorado is trying to pass laws that are against our 2nd amendment rights and, if passed will set a precedence for the entire nation.  (Thus my thoughts on hope.)  Anyway, we loved being with our 'kids' and look forward to being able to get with them again soon(er).

3  My husband is taking an HVAC class in Springs for the next 11 weeks.  Since his class is close to my aunt's house, Grace and I go once in awhile and hang out with her and our cousin.  It's always enjoyable, but last night was even more special because we got to be a part of celebrating our cousin's birthday.  Of course we couldn't leave Springs without a thrift store run as well as going to YoYogurt again!

4.  We live in a very small, rural community of 1200 people.  Last month our librarian started a women's coffee time.  I went to that one and attended again this week.  Our random conversation flowed from talking about the elderly living with family--to the Dawdi house of the Amish people--to discussing the fairly large community of Amish over on the western slope of Colorado, and back to the woman in our group who buys sheep from an Amish family over there.  Sprinkled in between is getting to know each lady, where she's from, hobbies etc.  I'm enjoying the very relaxed and informal atmosphere of just having a good ol' visit.

5.  I mentioned in a former FFF about using our gray water for our garden and lawn this year given the fact that we will only be allowed four hours a week watering time.  The good news, after my husband talked to the Plumbing Inspector, is that it is legal to have gray water pumped from our house to the yard.  No environmental issues nor burearcratic red-tape to jump through.

So there you have it!

It's All Hopeful & Good!



  1. There's been the odor of skunk in the air here too. It didn't give me hope, but next time I'll think of it in a different way.
    Glad you had that time with Chelsea and Brice. I didn't know about Colorado and the law they're trying to pass. I'm afraid it's only the beginning. I don't shoot myself, but the rest of the family really enjoys it.

  2. Christmas in March, lol ! that's exceptional !
    In Belgium guns are not allowed at all only with a special permission and it's hard to get. I think that's very good. Starting a coffee time together is a nice idea !

  3. What a great idea for the grey water!!

  4. Love the idea of a library coffee time! Sounds like some great conversations have already happened!

    Peace and hope from the Lord are undescribable! What a promise we have from Him that we have those no matter what is happening.

  5. I vote for HOPE! Yes! And I think what you describe is that peace that passes understanding. A real blessing.

    Christmas in March is a great idea. Love that! Have a good week ahead.

  6. I never thought of the first skunk being a welcome sign of spring, LOL! But I do enjoy the other signs.

    The Christmas in March sounds fun. So far this year we haven't been able to celebrate anyone's birthday on their actual day, and looking ahead mine will be the same way this summer. When kids become adults and we have so many schedules to work around, we just have to take the time when we can, but it is always fun.

    The coffee time sounds fun.

    Amen for Hope!

  7. Yes! He will make a way where there seems to be no way. You can depend on it!

    So you don't live too far from Colorado Springs? My son-in-law and daughter are stationed there. I will have to tell them about Yo-Yogurt.

    Love the idea of a women's library coffee group - wish I could join you!

  8. A limit on watering? I've never heard of this before. Sounds like you came up with a great solution!

  9. The library coffee group sounds like a lovely way to meet and share and enjoy. I like the sound of Christmas in March! So much less pressure :-)

  10. I like your fav fives Brenda. I like your new page header background too. I see that spring in in your mind if not directly in the air....


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