Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Got me some lemons...

And I'm trying to make lemonade, but it's still tasting a little sour.

I had a dental appointment today. I went with the intention of having them pull a tooth. My new doctor is a very kind and gracious man. I believe he has my best interests in mind, but of course the two cuss words had to be mentioned: root and canal. No way Jose'! I will never, EVER have another root canal done. Bad, bad experience. What he did suggest was chiropractic treatment for my neck and jaw. He thinks that might be contributing to the problem. It totally makes sense. After being in a car accident about nine years ago, having the root canal two and a half years ago (which required me to have my mouth held open for several hours at a time for five different appointments) and jarring my teeth after a fall last winter, he says it's like walking with a limp, only in my mouth.

On top of that, he wants me to see a specialist to assess the previous root canal as well as seeing if he could save the current tooth problem by repairing and crowning. Why does it have to be so complicated? Just pull the tooth already!

Seriously, I get where he's coming from. Save the tooth at all costs. But the assessment alone is going to cost around $300. just to tell me whether I need to redo the root canal, and whether I need one on the darn tooth that started all of this. $300 buckaroos. I think not.

So this is the end result of my appointment. I walked out with a prescription for antibiotics because it appears that I have a sinus infection that is affecting the things going on in my mouth. I'm not big on taking antibiotics, but I'm going to bite the bullet and get her done. I'll beef up on probiotics after these have done their job and get my gut flora back on track.

I think at this point I will have nothing to lose by going the chiropractic route and investing the assessment money back into possibly repairing the tooth rather than pulling it. We'll see.

Grumpy post, I know. Maybe when I wake up tomorrow the lemonade will be sweeter!

It's All Good! (Really)



  1. Uggg! Dental/mouth problems are the worst! And, actually, I went to the chiro for about 3 months this year and on one of the very last visits, he adjusted my jaw and actually made my TMJ worse! Now I have this back area of my mouth that stays sore all the time. Frustrating. I know it's a hard decision, especially considering the money issue.

  2. I just hate dental stuff. I had a routine cleaning last year and was expecting to walk out with a good report, when the doctor came in last thing after the hygienist was done and saw a cavity underneath a crown. My gum had receded enough that stuff was able to get in there. Had to pull that tooth (at an oral surgeon's) and then get a bridge. Hate bridges - this is the second one I've gotten (it's twin is in the same place on the other side.) There were at least five appointments involved in all that, too. Thankfully insurance paid for the oral surgery, but the bridge was done in Feb. and wiped out my dental benefits for the whole rest of the year, even for cleaning. I really hated the whole process, but it was nice to have it done and taken care of. I guess they don't like to just pull it and leave an empty space because your other teeth can move and the underlying bone deteriorate, if I understand it correctly. May God give you wisdom as to the best course of action and provide all that's needed.

  3. Going to the dentist is on my top 5 worst things to do! I hate the sound of that drill, holding my mouth open, fillings, the cost... I've had one root canal and ended up getting the tooth pulled later. Not good!
    Hope your can be saved!

  4. :( just know I comisserate. I have been sitting on a referral to a periodontist for a receeding gum line and "loose" molar for months and months. I dread going - and I don't even think i care if I "save that tooth" - but the dentist seems to think it is an "important" one since it is one of the grinders. While modern meds are great in so many ways, some dentistry I could do without!!


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