Saturday, September 19, 2015

Don't Scratch Your Nose at An Auction

Do you like to attend auctions? I headed over to one today. It was the second official auction I've attended. 

I will have to admit I'm not good at it. For one thing I feel like I can't be myself at an auction. When I have to scratch my nose, I have to scratch my nose. When I scratch my nose at an auction, I could very well be the highest bidder on some box of junk, as was the case today.

So I try not to scratch. But you know what happens when you try not to scratch? You start itching everywhere. It's that whole subconscious thing we humans have to endure. Not supposed to laugh, I get the giggles. Bad time to cough? My throat starts tickling. 

But back to the auction. I didn't get all the things I was looking at or bidding for, but I did walk away with a black filing cabinet for six bucks. I've been needing one for when we finish remodeling our office space. I priced them at Sam's at around $150. I'd say that is a pretty good savings.

For three dollars I ended up with around 100 or so cooking magazines like Light and Tasty. I used to have that subscription and loved it. 

What's interesting to me is watching the people. Today I had my limit of what I wanted to spend on something and didn't go over. And consequently I didn't get much because there was always the one person who couldn't stop. It's the thrill of the hunt for them. And sad to say, for some it's an addiction, like gambling.

I think I'll stick to my thrifting and garage sales.

It's All Good!


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  1. I've only been to a few auctions. They were fun, but most of them in my area are on Saturdays and I've often working then!


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