Thursday, September 17, 2015

Professor Leo Picatune

This was our entertainment for the Colorado Municipal League (CML) Southeastern District dinner. This is an annual business meeting/dinner put on by the big-wigs from CML for the mayors, trustees, city clerks and administrators of the towns in the lower Arkansas valley. Each year one of our towns sponsors the dinner. This year it was our neighboring town, Manzanola, CO.

Professor Leo Picatune and his Medicine Show. An odd sorta man. Told off-color jokes and played the accordion. It was...different. I'm sure some were entertained, but off-color jokes do not humor me, and neither does singing along to the accordion playing Polly Wolly Doodle All the Day. In fact I wanted to shout "SHOOT ME!" 

And if that wasn't entertaining enough, his fly was down the whole time. Sheesh!

And guess what town was nominated to host the meeting next year? 

Professor Picatune won't be on our list of prospective entertainers.

It's All Possum Slime Good! (yes, Possum Slime was one of the labels on one his medicine bottles!)


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  1. Ick! Would be fun if you could get Tim Hawkins for that. :)


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