Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Day in My Life: Evening Walk

My friend Mari posts what she calls A Day in My Life on or near the first day of every month. I thought it would be neat to join her, and while I'm a little late in posting, this was my first day of October. (My previous post is included--and I did manage to get that posted on the first!) Here's the rest of that day.

Grace and I take Ajack for a walk around our little town. The route we take is a little less than two miles.

I'm surprised I got this action shot. At the beginning of our walk Ajack is very excited and moving at a pretty fast pace. It takes him a couple of blocks before he slows down a little and gets in his groove.

 Our church is five blocks from our house (45 seconds by car!) An old school converted to a church, there is lots of history in those old walls. It was the high school Sunny's dad went to way back in the 30's. It became the 4th-6th grade school when Sunny attended. It's been a church building for about 10 years now.

We're at the 3/4 mile mark now. The horses usually ignore us, but this evening this mare decided to come over and greet us. 

When we walk by this field you can feel the coolness from the irrigation. I wish you could see what I see that my camera (or more like the photographer) can't capture. It was obviously a little too late to capture the beautiful sunset. I love this time of year when the land is preparing itself for dormancy.

We're about a mile and a quarter now. These pretty flowers are in one of the prettiest yards in town. Just as I was taking the picture the one blossom blew right in front of me as if it wanted to make sure she was included. A flower photo bomber!

The rest of our walk takes us back around and up Main St., past the town park and on back home.

Thanks for letting me share a little of my day with you.

It's All Peacefully Good!


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  1. What a neat idea for a post! Funny about the flower photo bomber!


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