Sunday, October 11, 2015

Yummy Apple Butter

 Our home school group went to the local orchard and picked apples. There weren't many left and a lot were pretty wormy, but we managed to collect 17 pounds of decent ones. (I'm kicking myself for not snapping pictures.)
I had found a recipe for crock pot apple butter on Pinterest last season. It is so easy to do. Here Grace is coring the apples.

We filled two crock pots up to the brim with approximately five pounds of apples each. To that I added one cup organic coconut sugar, about 1/3 cup of honey, 2 teaspoons cinnamon, one teaspoon nutmeg and a little salt. Recipe says to turn on low for 10 hours, however one of my crock pots only works on high. I let it go all night and it was fine. It cooks 2/3 down leaving 1/3 applebutter.

And here are the delicious results. I spread it on my toasted Ezekiel bread. Sunny and Grace eat it by the spoonsful, like applesauce! I did manage to get three 1/2 quart bags in the freezer. I have one more batch to make. 

It's All Apple Pickin' Good!



  1. Homemade apple butter on toast sounds so good right about now... especially with a cup of coffee.

    You know, I thought I was already following you, but they do say the memory is the first to go. It's an easy fix, though. Have a lovely rest of the day... :)

  2. That sounds and looks so good! I never knew it could be so easy to make. Thanks!

  3. Good Tuesday morning! We have something in common - making our own apple butter. We made it as Christmas gifts last year, and more than likely will do so again this time around. We go to an apple orchard about 30 miles from us to get the apples and actually have fun making it. We have a corer exactly like the one in the picture too. Have a blessed day!~~~~Linda (I came to your site from Mari's)

  4. That looks awesome! I haven't been able to crock pot a good Apple butter yet...

  5. That looks awesome! I haven't been able to crock pot a good Apple butter yet...

  6. Looks yummy. What a fun trip and project.


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