Monday, November 9, 2015

Crud and Jury Duty

After our whirlwind couple of weeks getting ready for our town's harvest festival, the first week of November got off to a much calmer start (until Thursday when the crud came knocking).

On Wednesday we announced the winners for our Scarecrow contest (see previous post). I didn't post all of the entries on here, because I didn't get around to asking permission to do so. We had two kiddos each win a $25 gift certificate from a couple of local businesses. 

Then the crud. Actually it didn't knock but just barged in and attacked Grace during the wee hours of the morning...1:30 a.m. (to be exact) and didn't go away until 6 a.m. (to be more exact) leaving her a very exhausted and wimpy young lady for the rest of the day. Her Dad was right there with her, because that's what this dad does. Being a plumber and a former septic tank cleaner, Sunny is used to being around...yuckiness. 

Me? Not so much. You hurl, I hurl. That's just the way it is. My gag reflex goes into overtime. So Sunny takes care of that business, and I pat her on the head when she's done and say, "There, there". It's all about teamwork, right?!

Fast forward 24 hours. Guess who's got the crud now? Sunny. Yep. But he's over it. And just in time. This morning he had to show up for jury duty. We kept calling the number hoping beyond hope that it would be canceled. Nine times out of 10 they do. But apparently murder trials don't just get canceled (who knew?) It all worked out in the end. He was released to go after he explained to the friendly judge that it would really be a hardship on our family and business, being self-employed and having no one to carry on the business for the two or three weeks of trial. Thank you, Your Honor!

So far I've managed to escape...the crud...but I wouldn't mind jury duty.

Have you ever done jury duty for an actual trial?

It's All Good!



  1. I'm the same way - if I am around vomit or even talk about it much, I get nauseated. When the kids were little and had gotten sick, Jim and I were trying to clean things up, and I kept gagging. He said, "Why don't you go out before I have two messes to clean up." Thanks, dear!

    I hope you escape the crud!

    Thankfully I have been able to avoid jury duty every time so far. It takes me a long time to make decisions, and I tend to look at things from every possible angle....2 or 3 times or more -- before coming to a decision, which I am sure the other jurors would not appreciate. Plus I don't want the responsibility of making those kinds of decisions that are going to affect others, sometimes in big ways.

  2. I guess as a retired RN, I have seen it all and it doesnt bother me, but I do understand when it does. Glad no jury service needed.

  3. Ugh. Me too. Vomiting...No! Let's hope you don't come down with it too! Who takes care of the Mom? I have been on a jury as an alternate juror. I was the last picked for a rape trial. It lasted a week. As an alternate juror I was there in case a regular juror had an emergency. I had to hear the arguments and evidence, but was not in the decision process of the regular jurors. Quite an experience.

  4. Sorry about the crud! In our house it's Bob who gags, and I do the rest. I guess nurses shouldn't gag though, right?
    I was called for jury duty once, but got out of it because our administrator wrote a letter, as we were already short on nurses. My hubby did it a few years ago.


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