Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cotton Candy and Edward Plunger Hands

Sunny and I had a booth at our town's harvest festival at the park yesterday. We had free cotton candy and popcorn. Our booth was promoting our Fowler Area Watch group. We started it on Facebook as a place for people to report suspicious and/or criminal activity. So far we have 335 people who have liked the page. That's so encouraging because it tells us that there are at least 335 people who have their eyes and ears open, being vigilant to protect our town. And I'm happy to say it's working! 

So here is Mr. Care Bear working the cotton candy machine. We ran that puppy practically non-stop for three hours. The town's kiddos were so hyped up on sugar...and then they went trick-or-treating! Sugar overload! 

The Fowler Area Watch booth also sponsored having the police come and do free finger printing with the kids. Messy but fun!

Because we were up to our necks in cotton candy and popcorn, I was a tad disappointed that I didn't get a chance to walk around the park and see the different booths. There was pumpkin painting, a hay maze, a small bounce house, football toss, hay rides, and several others I can't recall. I did manage to participate in the last cake walk. Aiming for a lemon cake. But I wasn't a winner, oh well maybe next year.

Part of the festival that started last week was the businesses scarecrow contest  We decided to bring ours to the park so people could participate in our Edward Needs Your Head Contest on Facebook. We currently have seven contestants with their pics uploaded to our Eddy Plumbing & Heating FB page. Two of them will win a $25 gift certificate from local businesses if they get the most likes/comments on their pic. Feel free to go to our page and vote for the head that fits Edward Plunger Hands the best. Several of them are running neck and neck, so we may need some tie breakers! The winner will be announced on Wednesday.

This is my friend Trudy. I love how the light is shining through her piggy ears!

We were pretty tuckered out when this was all over. I'm glad we were able to have that extra hour of sleep last night!

It's All November Good!



  1. What a great thing to do for your area! Sonny looks like a pro with that cotton candy and I love your friend in the contest!

  2. Hello my friend!
    I've been away from blogging for the last year and I'm enjoying getting caught up on your blog. Just wanted to say HI!
    Blessings to You and Yours,


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