Thursday, January 21, 2016

This and That

I love my life. To some our life in a small farming community of 1200 folks could seem humdrum. But in reality, it is anything but. Now if you are used the city life--the constant noise of traffic, the smell of exhaust, the bright lights--then rural living would probably seem mundane.

My day begins with getting up to tend to the chickens. Right now, we are getting one egg a day, sometimes two. I don't think I'll ever tire of going out collecting eggs. It just makes my heart happy. This morning I made scrambled eggs with onion, yellow and orange bell pepper, and garlic and spinach. Yum! Don't worry, my next post won't be pictures of boiled eggs!

After breakfast I have devotions before beginning the day, which usually means taking care of our plumbing business (or estate business which I can't wait to be done with). When I get some free time, I try and get in my 'studio' and play with my paper and glue once or twice a week, or I'll work on getting things up in my Ebay store. And...this just February I'll be renting a booth (well, actually a five-shelf cabinet) at an antiques/collectibles store, JC Mercantile, in another town 20 miles away. (More on that in another post, but can you guess what the JC may stand for? and no, it's not Jesus Christ!)

A few times a week we'll go over to the Bunkhouse General Store for lunch. This is a coffee/pastry/sandwich shop. Grace is actually working there a couple of days a week. Trudy is the owner and a gem of a gal. Everything is made from scratch including her bread for sandwiches. Her cinnamon rolls are the best! The atmosphere is like sitting around the table in her kitchen. She'll come out and sit with us when she has a break in the action. Everybody visits with each other.

Our oldest daughter, Chels, works at the Tamarack Bar & Grill that serves the all-American cuisine. And while this restaurant is more formal than the coffee shop, you pretty much know or recognize nearly everyone who comes in. You won't find that in the city! We like to eat there a couple times a month.

Have I told you I am now buying fresh milk? Oh my! There is no comparison between this fresh milk and the milk I used to buy at the store. No comparison at all! So, my next project is making homemade butter from the cream. I'll let you know how that turns out. I think I'm turning into a little ol' homesteader, which suits this small-town gal just fine!

It's All Randomly Good!



  1. I think you and I are kindred spirits, Brenda! Your day, week, and month sound like so much fun and so rewarding! Blessings to you!

  2. Your small community sounds wonderful to me. We used to live in a small town, but being so close to Houston, we have now grown much bigger than I like. They call it progress, well, I still don't like it! It's not a secret how much I would love to have a couple of hens to enjoy, but alas, we're in the city limits and I'm restricted..hmmm, blame that on progress! Oh well, life goes on and God is so good to us, I'm not going to complain. Enjoyed my visit this morning, hope your day is happy and blessed.

  3. I'm so glad you posted this "day in the life" post! I miss this kind of blogging, where we all just gave an account of our day :)

  4. I think rural life is so much better than city life. I grew up on a farm and your comment on milk made me remember going to friends homes when I was young and not being able to drink their store bought milk!


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