Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Leigh over at Bloggeritaville hosts Thrifty Thursday. Join in the fun by showing us your thrifty finds and signing her Mr. Linky.

This was a fun and kitschy piece of handmade 'African' art I bought at GW. The legs and arms are made of vintage Hamm's Beer caps. The bowls are tin. I'm not certain, but it looks like maybe it came from one of those crafting kits that were popular in the 60's. I originally thought I'd try and sell it, but the more it was hanging around the more I like it and decided to keep it. Definitely not a piece that everyone and their brother have. That's the way I like it!

This is a fun set of vintage salt & pepper shakers I picked up at Salv. Army. I've named them Sal and Pepe'. Hey Jenn, aka Dust Bunny Hostage, Sal and Pepe' think your Traveling Geisha is hot--oui--and were wondering if they might...hook up?

It's All Thrifty Thursday Good!


  1. I like your finds! Looks like you had a great time. ; )

  2. Love that Sal and Pepe'. I bet you smile everytime you look at them.


  3. Brenda I had to laugh at your comment about the giesha...I adore her too! That Jen is one clever chica! And I also love your african art dude. He is so neat! I would hang onto him if I were you. I think he'd be worth something!!! A real conversation piece.

  4. LOL! Geisha wants to know if they are Alabama fans, is either one of them a doctor, and do they know Jesus as their personal savior? Not in any particular order though.

    (She actually liked the first guy the best - she has a thing for heavy metal)

  5. Hey - - - I REMEMBER when little aluminum bowls like that came free in soap or cereal or something - - - glasses too. I don't have any of the bowls, but do have some of the glasses.

  6. I like your little robot man but I LOVE those s and p shakers.Perfect name for them...Ann


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