Thursday, December 31, 2009

So! Moment: Flu Edition

Grace and I are at Goodwill having fun seeking out the bargains. All of the sudden I hear a
Jump-Right-In-With-Your-Own-Synonyms Cough coming from up around the registers.

Now, I'm not one to be too paranoid about germs, but seriously, this woman should've been bedridden, it was that bad. I was thankful that she was leaving, poor lady.

SO! We're going about our business finishing up our browsing when behind me about 5 feet away I hear it. WHAT? She's still here? I grab the basket, and as fast as I can, start bobbing in and out of the clothes racks trying to get away from the spewing germs. You'd think someone yelled "FIRE", I was moving that quick. The store was closing so I paid for my purchases and left.

On our way home I had to stop off at Walmart. We're back in the fabric department minding our own business. 

Suddenly I, it can't be...MISSDisgustingGrossHackingCruddyFoulPhlemy
JumpRightInWithYourOwnSynonymCoughing Lady behind me. GAAAAHHHHH! OK This is GERM WARFARE.

I'm oughta there but fast.

Fortunately, I never got sick. 

Could've been the bath I took filled with Purell Anti-Bacterial Soap. Or prayer. Probably the latter.

It's All STAY HOME Good!



  1. LOL! We do really wish some people would stay HOME when they're sick and would not be so generous with their germs!!

    Hope you have a wonderful 2010.

  2. Aaagh! I'm glad you stayed healthy!

  3. I know what you mean!!! I've seen lots of sick people this year out in the public that should have been home in bed.

  4. Was she at LEAST doing all this hacking into her ELBOW????

    No - - - probably not - - - she was probably one of those folks who love to share.

  5. You know - I might have encountered that same lady and some of her relatives!

    What is SOOOO important that you have to come out and SHARE your germs with everyone???

    Stay home and heal! If we all did that, there would be less sick people!

    Thanks for letting me share in your venting!

    Happy New Year:)

  6. Stay well, dear friend, and Happy New Year! : )

  7. You always make me smile, Brenda. Love your sense of humor and your capturing of things.

  8. Why can't people stay home when their sick. The rest of us don't want or need to get sick because of them. YUCK!
    Oh, and why can't anyone cover their mouth anymore? I am the mom who wipes the edges of the buggy with wipes when we come in.

    love amber

  9. Oh Brenda, I'm sorry but I needed that good chuckle today! I would have been out of there just as fast as you. Hope you stay healthy and happy in the new year. A blessed 2010 to you and family!

  10. I'm glad you went right home after that and managed not to get sick. It almost sounds like that lady was following you! ;)

  11. LOL! Glad your still well! ahh, Purell, I know it well.

    Take care,
    Joyce Marie

  12. Being stalked by a coughing

    So happy you didn't get what she had!

  13. Oh, my. I had a similar experience in one of the stores recently (can't remember which one) and I was out of there SO fast!! I don't understand people that feel the need to "share" their sickness with others instead of staying home where they belong.

    I'm so glad you're not sick and hope you all stay that way!

    Happy New Year!!

    God bless you - Julie

  14. lol!
    I know. I had a similar thing happen at safeway EXCEPT IT WAS THE CASHIER.
    She hacks into her hand. takes my money and GIVES ME CHANGE.
    I almost told her to keep it.
    I kept my hands away from my face till I could wash them, then purelled the heck out of my steering wheel. Oy.

  15. The WORST thing I've seen related to this topic was the person working behind the counter of the fast food restaurant. I turned around and WALKED OUT.

    Have a great weekend Brenda.

  16. Hack Hack cough cough......kaahemmm....aaaccheeeewww... no matter the sound.. it's a warning horn for sure. Except in the case of some of us who have bad asthma coughs that sound horrible and yet are not contagious. I sounded so sick for a year or so until I could get my asthma under control. Still do it at times... especially in cold or wet weather or when I drink milk.


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