Thursday, September 13, 2012

So! Moment Muppet Edition

bunsenRemember this guy from The Muppets?  Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.  He hung out with the pointy-headed guy that couldn’t talk.

So, about a month ago Sunny had his eyes checked.  Of course they dilated them and gave him those funky shades to protect his eyes for a few hours.  Now, unless he was doing something wrong, they don’t make the shades to fit over the glasses (at least not his).  You slip them underneath the glasses.  I went in with Sunny and came out with Dr. Bunsen.  Not a very attractive exchange, I think I got the short end of the stick.  But the stares and guffaws were worth it.

Have you ever had to converse with someone who, say, has quite a noticeable booger?  or spinach in their front teeth?  Well, try having a conversation with a man who wears glasses but has no eyes!  I couldn’t stop giggling.  We had several errands to run and everyone had that slight I-want-to-laugh-right-now look on their faces.  At one place Sunny was trying to ask the clerk a serious question.  The clerk, bless his heart, was having such a rough time trying to keep eye contact—or should I say ‘no-eye’ contact—I finally gave him the go-ahead to laugh “because you know you want to!” 

It made for a humorous afternoon, but thankfully Dr. Bunsen Honeydew morphed back to the Sunny I know.

It’s All Honeydew Good!



  1. I lived the sidekick Beaker!

  2. Too Funny! It is harder than heck to talk to someone wearing dark sunglasses. You never know, they could be rolling their eyes at everything you say or even sleeping! So glad you got your Sunny back! Your blog looks great by the way :)

  3. oh my soul ... that is the FUNNIEST thing I've read in a long time ... sorry it is at sonny's expense!!!

    btw, the guy with mr. bunsen was beaker .. I dated a guy for a little while who kind of looking like him !

  4. Where's the pictures gal? We wanna see... we wanna see.... even a staged version would do. Bribe Sunny with his favorite dinner... Just bring the doctor back! haha... love it.

  5. We wanna see... we wanna see... Even if it's staged. Bribe Sunny with his favorite dinner... just bring the doctor back... haha.

  6. Oh and I do like your cover picture as well. A great fall photo.

  7. Laughter is great medicine. I'm glad you got your hubby back too. :)

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