Friday, September 11, 2015


This has been a solemn day for me. It has always been that way ever since our nation was brutally attacked by terrorists.

I bet you can remember where you were or what you were doing the day '9/11' happened. Who doesn't?

My husband was getting ready for work when he received a call from his boss telling him what was going on and that it wasn't necessary to go in to work. Our church, as did many in town, immediately opened its doors for anyone who wanted a place to solemnly pray. On the way over we were listening to the radio as the towers fell.

We didn't know anyone personally who died, but yet our hearts were heavy with sorrow. I couldn't imagine the pain felt by those who did lose loved ones.

My prayer, 14 years later, is that those still hurting will find solace in God who is their Comfort. I pray for our nation who is on a slippery slope to destruction. I pray that we will continue to be a light in the midst of the ever darkening world. That people will see Jesus in me. I pray that the Lord will keep our hearts and minds fixed on Him. That we will endure until the end, whenever that may be.

It's All Still Good!



  1. Amen, Brenda, especially to your last paragraph.


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